NPC Warp immunity adjustment

I did a quick search but didn’t find anything relevant to the title. It just occurred to me today that the npc warping immunity system needs to be fixed. Problem 1: NPC rats have virtually infinite targetting. From the moment you warp onto grid all they way til they disappear from your screen 1AU as you warp off. Problem 2 NPC rats have immunity warping off grid but capsuleers don’t.

It is extremely frustrating to have almost kill a rat only to lose target lock because it “decided” to warp away. I mean Capsuleers aren’t afforded that same safety vs rats. If we were to do the same thing and dont quite warp off quick enough, ship blows up. Rat starts to warp off, for the entire alignment time til they warp off, they get targeting immunity.

Can we please get rid of NPC target warp out immunity.

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