NPSI pvp corp looking for Bomber/Recon/Blops pilots

Not gonna fill your head with a lot of glory speak, instead ill just be straight up. We need bombers, and covert pilots of all sorts for 0.0/wh and combined ops with other NPSI entities. We are a new corp and are interested in one thing, quality over quantity, we dont intend to get gigantic, instead we intend to become a small highly mobile strike force that reaches out and appears out of nowhere , nearly anywhere in 0.0.

We have minimal requirements:

  • ability to fly a bomber , and if not willing to train into one ASAP
  • Omega accounts only
  • active (not looking for weekend warriors)
  • Mature (omitting gifs and jokes, because who can really be Mature when seeing local in eve)
  • working mic and headset (discord for our comms, TS3 for community)
  • willingness to participate in NPSI community operations ( Bombers Bar etc…)

In need of :
-Force Recon/T3 Hunter Killer Pilots
-Blops BS pilots
-Covert Transport pilots
-additional experienced pilots for more FCs and support officer roles

If you are interested in joining us please reply here or eve mail Faethor Ferenc’zy in game to be invited to our recruitment channel and comms .

Thanks for your time,

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