NS - XLostCauseX

Capsuleer, are you ready for an adventure in the vibrant nullsec of Providence? XLostCauseX is recruiting pilots like you to join our ranks and stand tall with the Now You’re Gone Alliance.

Why XLostCauseX?

:milky_way: Home in Providence: Enjoy the serenity of Providence’s secure nullsec space. We thrive in a region that values collaboration, growth, and camaraderie.

:crossed_swords: Combat Ready: XLostCauseX is at the forefront

of the fight, defending our territory and allies. Engage in exciting fleet ops and skirmishes as we uphold our proud legacy.

:moneybag: Economic Opportunities: Prosper in our space with abundant resources for industry, mining, and trade. Contribute to our economic strength while securing your financial future.

:handshake: Community Spirit: Join a close-knit community where every pilot matters. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie, XLostCauseX is your home among the stars.

What We Look For:

Team players with a positive attitude

Willingness to contribute to alliance goals

Respect for alliance and coalition values

Microphone and willingness to use voice comms

How to Join:

Ready to embark on an exciting journey with XLostCauseX and Now You’re Gone Alliance? Connect with us!

:rocket: In-game Channel: BASS Public

Discord: Now You're Gone

Secure your place in our ranks, pilot. XLostCauseX awaits, where every adventure is a shared one. Fly with us, and let’s make history in the Providence region and beyond

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