Null alliance Building and removing stargates

This is meant to add a new warfare for null corp or alliance but most likely an an alliance of corps in null, by giving them the power to removing any -.9 to -.10 stargates and rebuild them to make new paths or if they so choose not to rebuild it and make a gateless system and the only in and out of that system will be a cyno jumping into there, So any attacking null corp or alliance must build a new stargate to take over the space or they can build even more Stargates and make an new path that only in their wild dreams.

So do comment, rate and give feedback!

Player owned Stargates is a plan further down the development roadmap.

Now how further it is, don’t know, only heard that it’s already thought about.

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So, risk free farming sectors since you can cynojam a system.
And stargates need one at each end.

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