Null Bear vs Care Bear

Most tears?

I used to say Care Bear, but recently :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


Carebears can live in high sec at least…

I also guess you’re drunk :wink:

Null bears are worse. Hide and wait for local to clear. Lame.

High sec bears face risk more than those clowns.

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same thing, it’s hi sec that you really gotta watch your back


Nullbear is disgusting carebear
In place between carebear and bot filled with fart


one question: if null sec life is so easy and less dangerous than hi sec then why are still in hi sec, surely it would easier and simpler to move to null sec and live the “good life” there?

Ppl in high sec are not about maximizing bounty and docking as soon as light breeze hit your space.
Ppl that are unable one way or another to grind 24/7 and have bot farms.
Being outside game for a year wont lock your stuff behind some new dudes territory…many other reasons…cant phone type getting angry


Didn’t say it was easier or less dangerous, just that you expect pvp in low and null so naturally you’re using some level of awareness to that, in high sec the danger is more real your enemies can be right behind you the entire time in the clouds of players and you wouldn’t know it until it is too late.

Truth is a lot of null regions are barely occupied 90% of sov space is empty almost all day and pvp won’t ever roam into those dead wide open voids for content so if you’re lucky enough to live in one of those voids it is fairly easy to mine/rat entire systems to yourself 99% of the time never having to worry about pvp except that one guy who will go system to system looking for something to shoot at because they haven’t figured these things out yet and look for systems with higher number of player activity.

In high sec you’re never really safe because there is always higher level of player activity, you aren’t always aware of where your enemies are at even if they are nearby. You can be ganked anywhere anytime whether enemies or not players will gank you to farm free loot or stats on their kill boards. Quite a profitable racket and as far as pvp goes there is almost always somebody who wants to get shot at, suspects or criminals, you can almost always find a 1v1 duel with someone new or old players.

Other than that you want a regular roam for pvp then your likely going to go into low sec from hi sec and back again because of proximity to high sec, nobody goes all the way out to null to travel half the galaxy to find something to shoot at. Sov players don’t wanna piss off their neighbors even their enemies because often they just want to leave each other alone and do pve where it is most profitable in game and yes more dangerous but the odds are you are safe most of the time compared to hi sec.

Luckily in null you can go into low sec to find some casual pvp not related to sov combat and huge fleets, tidi, long waiting and boredom most of the time, only attacking who your told never just simply looking for a fight because even enemies like to agree when they will fight or let each other go mining/rat for a bit. Mutual non-pvp so they can build up their huge fleets to fight each other another time for sov and all other pvp is dead except those who roam into your space and force it upon you.

PvP is just too inconvenient in null most of the time your in a corp that just wants to be left alone to do pve, they don’t have enough pvp players or in a lot of cases looking for pvp is counter productive to your corp/alliances goals of doing pve and being left alone. You look for pvp in null it looks for you so nobody does it unless it is sov pvp because if they just dock up and ignore the pvp roams that come at them they know it will make them go away a lot easier than giving them a fight every time they enter their own systems.

Why bother setting up a pvp area if nobody is there to fight and can dock up all day to ignore you where as you can just shoot people in hi sec where everybody is flying around in a high frequency of players and interesting sorts of pvp.

Also I hate PVE so I just never do it.

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Have to say, at least carebears can live without the crutch of perfect local and realise null is meant to be dangerous…


9 out of 10 most carebears become nullbears and vise versa when game mechanics change… It’s a cycle of crap. Either they want to experience more in the game, or they want things given to them and want safety…

Either way they should all be exterminated.


which is fine. perfectly legitimate opinion. so what are you, personally, doing to bring either about?

An ironic position, given that CODE. and its affiliates measure success in hisec by the number of times they force carebears to dock up. Why do nulsec hunters and others not think this outcome is also a measure of success in their volume of space?


Both cry when you kill their mining ship complaining about how your destroying their game, not realizing them going uchecked has increased the cost of everything in game forcing me to PvE more to enjoy PvP when i lose a ship. Remeber when you could PLEX an acount for under 400M?

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Killing nullibears whenever I can

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Yup and then the botting got out of hand and PvE meant also needing multiple accounts to do mining and ratting to pay for PLEX both players and bots feeding into the inflation that multiplies the cost of PLEX every year because of the growing demand and lack of supplemental supply.

If I had been any regular player playing since PLEX cost 400m to the point it costs well over 2 billion ISK for 500 PLEX and knowing the ceaseless efforts of banning thousands of bots every year has done absolutely nothing to address the problem long term I would probably quit instead of considering buying and injecting multiple mining and ratting clones was the only way to keep up a decent income in this game to continue playing smoothly.

Fortunately I am more well off than most players I can only watch the heartbeat of this game slowly die until I have no reason to stay either. I have a unique point of view on the shifting economics of this game and let me tell you the long term potential and prospects of the market are going to be even more abysmal for average players in the months and years to come if history has shown any continuing pattern.

Now we compete with multiboxing to keep up with the artificial demand and costs of thousands of bots buying up PLEX regular players would use for themselves while contributing very little if no extra PLEX into the market except when they are forced to buy their way back in from CCP after getting banned.

Yeah, technically they are buying more PLEX from CCP but only because they are forced to and using money made from selling assets in game never their own pockets which is basically like using CCP’s own money to buy PLEX from them where it is just a matter of course to trade between using ISK, money or PLEX to get whatever they need to continue botting from other players or CCP themselves.

Years later and now we just have more bots, more multiboxing for ISK farming from players, less and less PLEX being bought from CCP and more of it that is bought being accumulated by bots instead of players and both in turn just feeding into the need for ISK to buy more PLEX than the game can sustain.

Thankfully there are whales out there who buy massive amounts of PLEX from CCP that sandbag the continual shortage of PLEX to meet constantly growing demand or we would probably be paying double the price of PLEX right now with double the amount of ISK farming alts and bots for everyone as well.

This is how this game is going to end, it is a bubble that has been growing for years and years, it is only a matter of time and people ultimately leaving the game due to out of control inflation until it breaks if you want to consider that the game is currently not already completely broken in the age of bot-dominant multibox economics.

The only thing that is going to save this game at this point is eliminating multibox altogether to shove off the bots. Consolidate everyone’s clones onto one account with unlimited alternate clone slots but only being able to use one at a time.

It is going to have a cost to multibox based game play for players PvP but at least the game will be a real again for everyone and PLEX cost and demand will be more realistic to something a human player base can sustain themselves.

Unfortunately it probably won’t stop ALL botters from finding some way to multibox but it sure as hell will make it a lot harder and less worth it to be botting in this game for money.

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