BraveNewbies vs. Pandemic Horde vs. KarmaFleet

So, BraveNewbies vs. Pandemic Horde vs. KarmaFleet (others?)

Which one would you recommend for someone who was only playing carebear HiSec and why ?

Karma, because Delve needs more readily available and easily farmable lifestock.

On the other hand: If you don’t want to contribute to what ruins EVE, you join Horde to increase the number of people “fighting” against that what ruins EVE instead of making it even worse.

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If you want to be a highsec care bear, none of them. They are constantly wardec’d and since most of them live in the respective nullsec regions, they won’t bother to help you when you get attacked in highsec.

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Oh no no. I wanted to try something new and I’m aware that joining 0.0 alliance = abandoning HiSec for good which I’m ok with (and kinda hope for it).

Ah, my bad. I misread your post.
To answer your original question, they’re all fairly good, but keep in mind that due to their huge numbers, it’s pretty easy for individual pilots to get “lost” in the sea of nameless faces.

All three are fine, but you’ll have to put in a bit of your own hustle to seek out the helpful guys in each of those three if you want to make the most of 'em.

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So, more or less they are all equal from newbie point of view. Thats good to hear.

So there is a possibility to kinda fade in the crowd and do ‘my thing’ whatever that might be without being pushed to obligatory pvp-oriented alliance activities ? I’m asking cause pvp might not be in my top 5 favorite thing to do in EvE (unless they can prove me wrong :slight_smile: ).

I know that, as far as Brave Newbies is concerned, there is a requirement that you go on fleets and participate in pvp (fairly) regularly. So after a month or so, you mightbe aapproached by some of the recruiters to check in on you and ask why you haven’t been participating.

How? Are they having a roll call ?

Every major alliance worth their salt requires played to submit their ESI data on Auth. Doing so does not grant them access to your account, but allowed them to read the contents. In addition, they’ll also check what are colloquially referred to as “paps”, general fleet participation.

Depending on the sophistication of the set up they are using, the paps will simply record whether or not you have been on a fleet (and usually the fleets that record paps are handled by the Fleet Commander who will verify whether or not it was a strategic fleet for the Alliance or just a fun drunken fleet on Friday nights), and they can use that information to verify your participation.

More sophisticated set ups will also record the ship you are flying. This can be used to verify, to an even more granular detail, the ships you’re been using on fleets. For example, it’s common that many Logistics (repairing ships) pilots will NOT show many kills on their killboard (because they are flying ships that do no damage), and it’s often an excuse that krabs (people who only join an alliance to make personal wealth) will use as a reason for why their killboard doesn’t reflect a lot of fleet participation. So these detailed paps will check to see if you actually have been participating with Logistics ships (which would excuse the lack of activity on your killboard) or whether you’re just using it as an excuse.

And i guess it’s like no fleet participation = 1 strike, 3 strikes and you are out of alliance ?

That’ll depend on the corporation. Some require you to be active from day one, others only require one or two fleets per week/month/etc. I’m not aware of any alliance enforcing a “three-strikes” type of system.

Well I can imagine one good reason why someone would be reluctant to participate in pvp fleets: “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose”.
Enough fleets that ended in train-wreck and ones ISK/hangar could get depleted to the point where no significant fleet participation could be possible. Unless in 0.0 isk are not an issue.

btw. I’d like to thank you for your answers. You provide some really valuable info :slight_smile:

None, you’d only being yet another gear in their system.

You’ll be told what you’re to doing, not what you want to do.

You’re better off joining ROAM groups with no alliance affiliations, they tend to help you learn true PVP combat and have suggested ships and fits for ROAM.

This ROAM groups aren’t hard to find and tend to be heaps of fun.

No, a good alliance will SRP (Ship Replacement Program) the ships you lose on their fleet operations when you are flying approved ships/fits (‘doctrine’ ships).

Try out the fleets, you might like it.

Fly tackle. You will probably die, you will probably have fun.

You say you want something different…go get it.

Brave or horde.

I recommend Goonswarm or Brave.

I have not been in a pvp fleet for a long time for over a month and yea i am still in the alliance.
It is pretty hands off but i am active every day and help newbros abit some times.
I really like Brave. it have helped me stay in the game and comms is pretty friendly.

I’m kind of in the same boat in thinking about looking for a 0.0 corp.

I tend to feel that if they’re taxing me; if I log on to rat or do any other taxable activity on a regular basis (semi-daily), they should STFU about fleet ops. I’m paying them taxes so they can go warmonger/provide security so other player who doesn’t want to farm ISK can get his/her PvP on.

Corps need tax payers the same the need PvPers.

Those PvPers usually rat or otherwise make ISK as well. If you’re just there to krab you’re less useful than someone who does both.

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