Null/Low/High corp/alliance looking for pilots

We’re just here to have fun and do things together. We mine, we shoot, we give each other more crap than anyone else ever could.

Null sec renters - lots of experienced pilots
High sec backbone - Industry based pilots and new bros to train for null sec.
Low sec roams and war - poco bashing? :slight_smile:?

  • Buybacks
  • Fleet operations
  • Full logistics chain from null to Jita
  • Discord and TS3

No question is a dumb question.

You can visit us in our channel “.RA Recruitment” or message me in game.

still open for recruitment

message me in game for any questions.

still open for recruiting

Still open for recruits

Open for recruiting

Still open for recruitment

still open

Still open for recruitment

Still open for new bros and vets

open for recruitment

I am interested in joining.

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