Null PVP Corp Looking for Pilots [US-TZ]

I N C U B U S, is currently recruiting. We are a small and fairly new corporation with a primary focus on PVP. We have just opened up to accept new members.

We Offer:

  • Monthly Prizes for Top Killer ( Faction BS or Better )
  • Low Corp Tax 5% ( Helps fund corp programs )
  • Corp Capital SRP and Incentives for Combat Capitals
  • Small/Medium Fleet PVP
  • SRP for Doctrine Ships
  • Industry Available
  • Ratting in TrueSec space (-1.00)
  • Fun Fleet roams & Serious Fleets.
  • Jump freighter service to and from Jita (Free for Corp Members)
  • Mumble, Forums, Auth and Discord

We Require:

  • 20M SP Bare Minimum on Main. Sorry, no exceptions
  • Ability to fly a Capital (Prefer a Capital Alt)
  • Log in to Mumble, Working Mic and be in standing fleet while active in-game.
  • Actively PVP whether it be Solo, Corp or Alliance

Corp Killboard


Visit our Discord to get in contact with us, SRCZM Discord

Bumperino, had some fun roaming with the guys tonight

Recruitment is still open for new members! :slight_smile: Come hop on our Discord and hang out!


Caught a straggling TEST Nightmare today; unfortunately TEST didn’t want to fight :frowning:
Maybe next time :wink:

In other news I have plenty of ratting space available!

Free In-Corp JF Service When you join!

Online and ready to recruit!
Hop in discord and say hi!