Null Sec Corp Recruiting New, Existing and those wanting to be in Null

Guardians of the Lost Ruckus is a Null Sec corp in the Etherium Reach of space. We are a growing Corp looking to expand even further. We are in the Slyce Pirates alliance tied in with Slyce Proper and Horde and PL. We are a pvp/mining/manufacturing corp with many opportunities available to all. We have 7 moons that we are mining that range from R16 to R32/64 with plenty of money making potential with corp buy back. We have a very active zone for pvp potential, besides going to the warfront to fight the Goons. We have access to many different facilities to offer any pilot, labs, manufacturers of sub caps or capitals, refineries and more.

We do have a public in game channel, Guardian Pub, this will let you talk to those who are in the corp to see if you have questions you would liked answered prior to applying,

First step to apply is to go to the following link on Eve Hr for a review ( ), if our recruitment team is interested in you, they will reach out with an invite to our discord coms for Q/A if you have any and for the official invite to our Corp.

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