Null sec "leaders" are a bunch of colluding slavers

It’s hilarious to me how all of the null power blocs are run by so called “leaders” that just tell their followers to keep slaving away and pay taxes for the alliance. Then the “leaders” also tell members that they must attend multi-hour fleets and that if they dont they will be punished and even kicked out from the group…LMAO extortion at its finest

I am confused why a lot of people go to null and subject themselves to this sort of abuse. I guess it is all the propaganda that alliance leaders spend time putting together while sipping fine sparkling water and watching their isk balance continuously grow on the back of your efforts

most recently the null sec leaders wont even deliver any of the promised content, their only value proposition to their members. Now the “leaders” get to enjoy the plunders of their slave army without even having to put in the effort to feign care or organize any meaningful campaigns.

Leaders…yes they are leaders like dear leader kim in north korea!

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And your point would be?

Idk, maybe try to start an uprising from nullsec’s people against so called tyrants that are just creating content while OP is in fœtal position in his ganked highsec hauler ?

People are having fun in nullsec mate, and it’s quite normal to pay taxes to whoever is ruling the things. Do you even know how expensive is it to keep a system under control ?
CONCORD are the real slavers !

If your smart enough to see this why do you still join them :smiley: ? there are plenty of non-Blob-block alliance’s.

People in general like not having to think (gaming is something fun I guess so some people just want to chill), they let these guys think for them and plan for them so they can just have fun.

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before opening your mouth, you should be sure that you tell the truth. Have you joined all null sec blocks and saw how they are managed from the interior?
I belong to Init. The leader (Sister Bliss) is excellent, able to manage dramas with severity when it is needed, but able to understand the problems of alliance mates when it is needed. His “leaders” team follows him. The alliance is well organized, doesn’t ask many things from corpmates ( i don’t think that corp taxes cover the infrastructure and SRP costs). The participation to pvp fleets is expected, but not numerically tracked (no pap links). People join fleets because they like it and because they follow Bliss example. Our fcs don’t shout at noobs, and try to provide content.
To be honest, i would like to have sister bliss as my boss in real life job.

Your post, OP, seems inexact and salty


Two or three hour fleets in which we go to “wreck someone else’s dreams”* don’t seem much like abuse to me.

  • or at least attempt to

Because the majority of people are cattle, and they realise (if even only subconsciously) they’re just not good enough to be anything more than cattle.

This is how and why you get the “dumb is cool, no we meant that ololol” mentality, where putting in actual effort and preparation is seen as boring and knowledge has to be explained or conveyed in memes.

Lots of people aren’t very good at things, including EVE, so they flock to someone who shouts real loud hoping that they can hide in the masses with all the others who aren’t very good.

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tldr; OP got kicked and is very mad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What’s wrong about “sparkling water”?

Germans drink hardly other water :slight_smile:

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Interesting take.

Closed for trolling.