Null Security Space For Rent Within The Spire

(Satira Ambrye) #1

Hello all!

Associated Hooligans is offering space for rent within The Spire, a great place for ratters and miners alike.

Systems Available

Rental Agreement

If you find a system you would like to rent or have any questions, please contact:
Satira Ambrye (AUTZ)

Or join “Hooligans Rental” in game.

(Manfred Sideous) #2

Nice systems available.

(Manfred Sideous) #3

Systems are renting fast get in now!

(Satira Ambrye) #4

We still have one system available (fairly low traffic, with a station), as well a single dead end still available that has an Astrahus to dock in!

Great systems still available.

(Satira Ambrye) #5

Some systems still available, One Ice System and several others.

(Satira Ambrye) #6

We just had one of our dead end systems open up for rent again!
If you want a quiet place, or an ice system, we still have them available.

(Satira Ambrye) #7

We still have low travel systems for rent.
One ice system and a few others.

(Satira Ambrye) #8

We still have an Ice system available,
As well as this, several systems have had their price dropped.

(Satira Ambrye) #9

Still have systems available for rent,
friendly prices and systems all have a structure to dock at now, making moving in a lot easier!

(Satira Ambrye) #10

System prices have dropped again, good, quiet space still available for rent.

(Satira Ambrye) #11

Systems still available, massive price drops. Get in quick while they’re still available!

(Satira Ambrye) #12

Coming up to a new month of rent, we still have really cheap systems available!

(Inactive Seller) #13

I send you an evemail with one of my alts. Regards

(Satira Ambrye) #14

We still have cheap systems for rent, mostly low traffic. Good for ratting.
Still have one ice belt available.

(Satira Ambrye) #15

We now have a dead end for rent again, contact us now!