Null Security Space For Rent Within The Spire

Hello all!

Associated Hooligans is offering space for rent within The Spire, a great place for ratters and miners alike.

Systems Available

Rental Agreement

If you find a system you would like to rent or have any questions, please contact:
Satira Ambrye (AUTZ)

Or join “Hooligans Rental” in game.

Nice systems available.

Systems are renting fast get in now!

We still have one system available (fairly low traffic, with a station), as well a single dead end still available that has an Astrahus to dock in!

Great systems still available.

Some systems still available, One Ice System and several others.

We just had one of our dead end systems open up for rent again!
If you want a quiet place, or an ice system, we still have them available.

We still have low travel systems for rent.
One ice system and a few others.

We still have an Ice system available,
As well as this, several systems have had their price dropped.

Still have systems available for rent,
friendly prices and systems all have a structure to dock at now, making moving in a lot easier!

System prices have dropped again, good, quiet space still available for rent.

Systems still available, massive price drops. Get in quick while they’re still available!

Coming up to a new month of rent, we still have really cheap systems available!

I send you an evemail with one of my alts. Regards

We still have cheap systems for rent, mostly low traffic. Good for ratting.
Still have one ice belt available.

We now have a dead end for rent again, contact us now!