[Null Sov] Blitzkrieg., the worst industrialists

Are you looking to cut your teeth on null sov space? Have you heard of the lucrative ISK-making opportunities and small-gang PvP in 0.0 space? Are you wanting a corporation that actually plays with you, knows who you are and you’re not a simple number?

Blitzkrieg. might just be what you want!

We’re a null-sec sov corporation, part of Manifesto. alliance located in Wicked Creek. We have knowledgeable, attentive corporation leaders who understand that real life comes first. CTAs and stratops happen, but they aren’t excessive (most of the time).


  • Null-sec space to make ISK through Rorqual mining and carrier ratting
  • Leadership that offers advice and is willing to help
  • Centralized communications (Discord, TS3, other options)


  • Players committed not just to making ISK, but also PvP
  • 10-million skillpoints MINIMUM (can be negotiated if you’re focusing on something niche)
  • A willingness to be helpful to corpmates and alliance members
  • Presence on alliance-level communications (Discord, forums, and Teamspeak)
  • Full API key for all characters/accounts

We’re not for everyone, and if you’re not for us, then we will generally steer you towards someone who might be a better fit. Actually, we did that yesterday, steering someone to Horde/Karmafleet because they were brand new.

If you’re interested in a chat, join our public channel Blitzkrieg. Pub and say hi!

Fly dangerous!

Recruitment is still open!

Looking for more active recruits!

Another bump for our US TZ corp, still recruiting!

Another day for recruitment!

Once again, recruitment remains open! :smiley:

Getting some interest from people, but we can always use more to help grow our numbers! Come give us a shout!

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