[Sov Null] Blitzkrieg., the worst industrialists

(Anya Klibor) #1

That’s right. We’re the worst industrialists, because we PvP. Sure, we have Rorqual pilots, and one of our members has his own little mining fleet, but we’re more focused on the pew as long as you can get over Bahnd talking incessantly about spreadsheets and moon mining (we get it, Bahnd, you have no social life, gawd!).

So who are we? We’re Blitzkrieg., one of the most active PvP corporations in the Manifesto. alliance. Stationed in Wicked Creek in our own sov null, we give you options for making ISk, as well as getting some pew.

Sure, we’re part of the Greater Southern Big Blue Donut, but we still shoot people. Like each other. Because we’re a group of teamkilling fucktards and seriously, you should probably be more afraid if you’re in our fleet (purple means ‘shoot’ right?). We have TEST, FCON…well, a whole smattering of people to shoot at, plus wormholers.

What We’re Looking For

  • A minimum of ten-million skillpoints
  • The ability to fly doctrine ships, including a T3 cruiser and a T2 ships, logi preferred
  • Being on Teamspeak when you’re online
  • Being active in our communications, to include our forums
  • Not being a risk-adverse bitch

We’re looking for competent, dedicated pilots who want to PvP, and won’t simply be around to do only PvE. If you’re not contributing to sov defense or ops, we don’t want you.

What We Offer

  • Space to make ISK
  • A kinda’-sorta’-not really friendly atmosphere
  • Knowledgeable people to help you learn
  • Centralized communications

We’re pretty veteran friendly, though most of these fucks are squids. Damn squids.

Anyways, you interested? Then pop into our public channel, Blitzkreig. Pub and chat with us!

(Anya Klibor) #2


(Anya Klibor) #3

We’re getting great fights and we want some more people to help! Join the Blitzkreig today!

(FlipMoe Squad) #4

2 day old character with 5 yrs experience and 96 mill sp. Got anything for track marks and large credit card bills?

(Anya Klibor) #5

17 days later…


And recruitment remains open!

(Anya Klibor) #6

If you want dank kills like https://zkillboard.com/kill/63956233/ and https://zkillboard.com/kill/63956676/, then stop on by and give us a look! Recruitment is still open!