NULLSEC FOR RENT ***PURE BLIND *** well protected <50 jumps per 24h!

thank you on kind words sir

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open :slight_smile:

daily bump :robot:

edit : 14:56

1 more system rented out

Open For Business :wink:

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welcome dt :slight_smile:

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calm space for isk making :wink:

Just to write few impressions… Rented a system, low monthly rental fee, system has low jump rate so relatively safe compared to my previous rental alliance, leadership is very helpful and supportive, so far best experience ever. Additional bonus is safe passage and proximity to high sec. Fully recommended.

thank you :slight_smile:

1 more system about to rent out

sill more to go

was busy soz

online now

Thanks for everything MIternshauzen Uisen, free bump for you :slight_smile:

online :relaxed:

i wanna rent a system

Are you still renting systems?

Join channel ingame and rent from the initiative alliance , better space , better deal

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