NULLSEC FOR RENT ***PURE BLIND *** well protected <50 jumps per 24h!

WILD BOARS renting space in Pure Blind

Majority of systems are already upgraded, most of them are under our protection and have less then 50! jumps pers 24 hours from blue-neutrals, and most are from relic data grinders.

Rules and restrictions


  1. You rent the whole system * yes with moons and planets for pocos *
  2. The renter has a right to deploy as many starbases and starbase modules as they wish.
  3. Rental payments are made to " WEPRA ".
  4. System upgrades have to be paid by the renter *if they are not already installed *.
  5. Every renter has to join the rental alliance “WILD BOARS”.
  6. Renters are allowed to fly escalations and scan for wormholes in every system, regardless who owns it.
  7. You are NOT allowed to fly any combat, data or relic sites in any system, except our own! The only exceptions are your DED escalations (Maze etc.) and scanning for wormholes.


  1. Astrahus (Medium citadels) are allowed in rented systems.
  2. Fortizars (Large citadels) and Keepstars (X-Large citadels) are NOT allowed.
  3. If you want any of those we will anchor them for you, no exceptions.

Docking and jump bridges

  1. Renters gain access to all “OLDS" Jump bridges.
  2. Renters gain access to all “OLDS” Stations, citadels and engineering complexes.
  3. Renters gain access to all “OLDS” Intel/Public channels.


1. Pay your rent on time! (1. day of the month, or 2 3 days before )
2. If a member of your corporation is guilty of AWOX(Attacking or aiding in the destruction of friendly ships) the renter has to compensate the victims in full.
3. No spam in alliance mail
4. Members of a corporation are the only ones that have the right to use resources of the system they are renting (including scanning)

Any violations of the rules, depending on the level of the violation, will be punishable based on manager’s evaluation, up to permanent exclusion of the corporation in question from the alliance.

for more info drop on public channel

Wild Rent

any posts not connected with rent will be reported, get a private room

Kind regard

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Which systems are open to rent? and why are no fortizars allowed? so your renters cant use carriers for ratting or rorquals for mining right?

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and more to come

basically all systems in those 4 constellation just cant rent something which we don’t hold atm, its stupid * but we will hold it soon tho *

majority is already upgraded with ihubs/tcus and pirates 1 2 3

About fortizars i follow the rules from some biger and more experienced ones renters, i know to deploy any structure you need to pay them here you don’t

all can be worked out with normal ppl

edit: all pipe systems will go for 1.5 bil
all pocket systems will go for 2.5
all nice security half pipe will go for 2

edit: if you want fortizars we can anchor them for you

Kind regards

Great bunch of guys , helped us to install upgrades lev 4 and 5, we pay them tho .

System very quiet we use their astra atm. They let us in corp till our don’t transfer.

Pipe controlled by them Jita 13 jumps, exit/enter system always clear no camps from them or any others they keep it clean…all in all i 'm satisfied, to not jinx it :rofl::rofl:

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3 sys rented

Kind regards

1 more system rented out

i help those new guys like to mine children’s :slight_smile:
moved them upgrades Pirate lev 1 2 3 and Ore lev 1 already

check what is left

Kind regards

back on top

Hey! I have fortizars down there you could buy and use… but you would have to talk yourselves and old school to stop RFing… 10b per each one.

I am ok with that if someone want to rent it and buy fortis from you sure…just you should give them a bit cheaper if you want to get rid of them but it 's your call and call from dudes who want to rent

Peace out


10b is cheap for a fitted forti…

MIternshauzen Uisen the Dotlan link you want us to show is this one:
Noone wants to open 4 links, to get the infos, that could be packed in one. Same works with systems aswell, you could mark all unrented systems (from the post 5 days ago) to help people find a system, instead of make them search for one …

good luck with your rental empire

back on top 1 more system rented out


2 more system rented

check what is left and INFO page

kind regards

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still open

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up up

open :sunglasses:

1 more rented out

more to go :slight_smile:

Completely legit. No complaints whatsoever so far, very helpful, very accomodating. Trustworthy at this point too (which is premium in EVE obviously), have given them stations to set up because of sovereignty bonus to anchoring, all of which were given back no questions asked. Ihub was already partially upgraded. Intel channel effective, experienced PVP players manning it. Traffic is generally pretty low and we have pretty much total autonomy to do what we like.

Absolutely happy for the arrangement, the casual protection alone is definitely worth the 2bn ISK.

Try it out. For the price of a couple of freighters you could have a system. Then see how you get on with it. Been playing EVE for more than a decade and this is the least effort I’ve had to deal with an alliance. Nothing at all bad to say so far.