Nullsec PVE/PVP Blops *Iron bank and independant karibasiki*

(Sneaky Mabebu) #1

Iron bank & independant karibasiki solution Join us for:

  1. Anomaly farm
  2. “Pocket” home system.
  3. Mining
  4. Help and guidance
  5. Nice community.
  6. No required activity.
  7. Regular flights pvp.
  8. Blops

The corp needs pilots with at least 2 mil sp (about 1 month) for l living in drone nullsec.

join “Iron bank & independant karibasiki solutions” channel for questions and interview. You are free to ask me, Sneaky Mabebu, about the corp, or related game mechanics, if you are unfamiliar with nulls, or corps.

Fly safe.

(Sneaky Mabebu) #2

Still searching

(Sneaky Mabebu) #3

still open

(Sneaky Mabebu) #4

join us

(Sneaky Mabebu) #5

up up up.

(Sneaky Mabebu) #6

come join our “Iron bank & independant karibasiki solutions” channel

(Sneaky Mabebu) #7