[NullSec] PVP/PVE - Come join Gentlemens Club! We are back and ready to take back the south! NA/EU

HOCI is recruiting in Null Sec in the south - Wicked Creek Region. We live where the big blocks are supposed to stay out. We have constant PVP and a chance at some juicy moons every week with no taxes! We need any and all pilots willing to fight for space that they can call home! The Corp has some long time players in it and also some new players. We are new player friendly. We are part of the S3 Alliance.

We are at war with Triumvirate. They woke up and apparently decided they wanted our space. They are persistent but haven’t gained much of any traction in our space for over a month. Our FC’s are calm and collected, no one is getting yelled at or being put down. We want newer pilots to enjoy fleets and learn pvp; and we want older pilots to enjoy a time without TIDI and constant caps/supercaps.

We will help you with anything you need. We typically have 40-100+ people in fleets almost every day.

IF you are looking for a down to earth friendly group, that fights regularly (and wins most of the time) then message me and we can go from there! New players are also welcome; Happy to teach you the basics and get you into fleets shooting the invaders!

We use discord and mumble for comms. Jump in discord and message me with any questions.

Fly Safe o7

Update: We constantly defend our sov against the pressuring Triumverate. Last night we defended 3 timers and watched them run and hide in station. They seem to be scared to fight us lately. They have lost 100’s of Billions of isk so far and have gained only 1 Ihub. (which we will take back).

Join the good fight!


Update: Tri has called on its friends…again and continue to beat on our structures. It’s almost comical that they have chosen to fight a 6 month old alliance for space when there is plenty of space around us up for grabs. Last night we lost an athanor. The 50 people we formed just wasn’t enough to fight their 80+ man fleet with Shadow Cartel and others.

We stay in good spirits in the Alliance and leadership is hopeful as we continue to respond to timers and defend our space. Many thanks to our current members as we fight off the unprovoked invasion of Triumverate and its friends. It’s an amazing sign of our fortitude and willpower that we have lasted this long. We are 1 month into the invasion and they still have only taken one system.

For anyone that wants to join our cause you will be met with gratitude and praise as we continue to fight the good fight. For now, we continue to keep ADM’s up and mine our moons in hopes that Wicked Creek will remain host to a friendly alliance that we call home.

as always,
Fly safe o7

UPDATE: Tonight was a great night! After an abnormal past 2 days, we had 3 timers - 2 I Hubs, and a JB. We won all 3! P.S. I hate node running. P.S.S. if you don’t know what node running is be happy… All jokes aside another big win tonight as we fight off the unrelenting Triumvirate. They didn’t have any Russians or other friends to help them tonight and it made them very weak.

We decided to push them back in the system they stole from us and even managed to create a timer for the one structure they have in system. I don’t know how long they can keep this up but for now we will continue to fight for our space. I don’t ever see us giving up so Tri will have to take our home piece by piece and we will make them spend many Billions for it.

Next for us is more timers and more reason to log in and continue to beat them back.

As always,
Fly Safe Friends

UPDATE: More of the usual last night as we continue defending against the assault from Triumvirate and friends. They formed and attempted to blow up our Astrahaus last night since the shields were down. We formed strong and hit them hard on top of the structure.

Last 2 fights with Tri can be found here and here

We followed up the battle with an alliance ADM fleet which is a nice way to wind down a big fleet. We roamed our pocket killing rat sites to further protect our systems while we sleep.

I’m not sure how much more Tri can pursue this attack. It’s unknown how long Garst and his old alliance can keep this up or better yet afford to. I guess time will tell but they sure took a hard loss last night. We have enjoyed most the content up to this point. I think they underestimated how strong our will is even though we are such a new alliance.

Feel free to message me in game or comment here and I will reach out if you want to join the fight!

As always,
Fly Safe Friends

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Update: Things of have gotten spicy since the alliance tournament as finished. A group called The Voices Keep Getting Louder have decided to also pick a fight with us. They do not fight with Triumverate but they are definitely way more skilled. They fly multi Billion isk ships in multi billion isk pods. Trust me 20 vs 20 will not be a fair fight. The have some of the best pvp pilots in the game and for some reason are picking on a new alliance full of newer players. I guess we should feel proud that we are stirring up this much noise in the south.

For now we continue to make our timers and defend our space against TRI. They are dropping dreads/caps just to ref structures and then they wont make the timers to kill them… It’s amazing they have lasted this long and have literally gotten 1 Ihub.

Come join us! Message me in game
Fly safe fellow pilots,
Delish Deltek

UPDATE: Apologies for the delayed response. We unfortunately were forced to flee the area after some of our coalition got caught up in some drama. The enemy forces of snowflakes were to strong. Their Alliance Tournament fleet of Barghests and T3 Cruisers with 5B isk pods were to much to overcome. We could’ve stuck it out longer but it was a brutally long war of attrition. And since they are AT players we would have never been able to keep up the isk war.

Sad to leave our old home in the dust of space but we have found a new home in Deteroid. Many have followed us too with the separation of the drama folks. Our new alliance is one that has been around for over a decade and has risen again. Gentlemen’s.Club. One of the founding members has resurrected the alliance and we have found space next to a well know group. Together we will grow far stronger than we ever were before. Our plan is to farm and do small gang pvp until our pilots have isk and then we can push back towards Wicked Creek and retake our claim. Or we may just stay down here and have fun :slight_smile:


We have successfully setup camp in our new home and have already expanded to be bigger than our last alliance! That didn’t take long at all. Over 1K members and counting we seek small gang pvp every day. We have begun training our new bros in the corp and are holding training sessions.

Treating people kindly and with respect is still the foundation we are building this alliance on. Over the next couple weeks we will only strengthen our numbers and continue to make as much isk as possible.

If you want to join the fun message me in game or on here!

Fly Safe,
Delish Deltek


We live in Detorid and have been taking more space by the day. We have made new friends and several new enemies and have enjoyed some lovely content shooting each other.

Whether you want to blops or or join one of the Several roaming gangs in multiple TZ’s we have something for everyone.

Also, we have plenty of moons and places for INDY folks.

Come join the fun! DM me in game or join our recruiting channel.

We accept any and all members. Obviously prefer some experience and an understanding of the basics.

Fly safe,
Delish Deltek

Still kicking a$$ in Null. Come join the fun!

PM me in game.

Delish Deltek

Been making loads of isk lately. As a little old miner I have been making 10B-15B isk/week. With just a few hours a day.

Message me for more info!

Delish Deltek

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