Nullsec space

ignoring politics/ sov ownership is there any real difference between all of sov nullsec?

apart from the rats you get and moon minerals (which is more alliance level and about to change) does it really matter where you go- is it really only the groups living there that make anything different?

Provi is politically different and i think dronelands has different types of hacking sites but is that the only thing?

i have zero feelings for or against any alliance and im looking to move out to null space and was thinking maybe i should look at the space first and then see who lives there but it all seems to be similar. should i find an alliance first and not care where they are?

IMO the people and corp profile are much more important than space, unless you want to just place an ISK harvesting char in a faceless crabbing alliance.

A good corp that is primarily in your TZ will make all the difference as to whether you “enjoy” your time in Eve and never more so than in nulsec.
There is nothing worse than joining a corp/alliance only to find out your TZ has little to no content as the majority of members live on the other side of the world.

Ask around, find out what groups are active in your TZ (Zkill can help with this) then join public chat channels and get to know some of them a little before making a decision…

You can try NPC null sec like Syndicate or the Great Wildlands. You don’t need to join anyone.

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