NullSechnaya Sholupen Recruiting USTZ Corps (Drop the Soap also recruiting active PVPers)

Looking for Active USTZ groups


  1. Active PVP group with the ability to use voice comms
  2. Willingness to move to alliance staging to participate in fleets
  3. IQ above 70

What we have to offer!

  1. Daily fleets to harass Provi and their stupid Amarr cross dress role playing.
  2. Blops daily
  3. Very strong logistics back bone and sourcing of Capitals to feed against Amarr cross dressers

Killboard :

if you are interested, hit up Anure ingame with a message!

Also, if you are an active PVPer and are looking for a corp to join, Drop the Soap is recruiting as well! Message Anure for that too!

Daily Bump!


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