Obtaining characters from token

As it said in eveonline-third-party-documentation.readthedocs.io the XML and CREST API will stop working in may 2018. ESI API doesn’t provide any ability to obtain characters using given token. The only way is to use login.eveonline.com OAuth endpoints, but the problem is that it doesn’t provide access-control-allow-origin heade, so it can’t be used via XHR.

Is there any another way to obtain account characters after CREST and XML api will be shuted down?


If you’re takling about getting characters with existing Crest/XML data access/keys then No, there isn’t a way

JWT tokens will be a thing in the coming weeks/months. They should be able to do what you are wanting.

There’s also an ESI verify endpoint. https://esi.tech.ccp.is/verify/ which is CORS compatible.

(It’s in the spec file. It’s not exposed on the webpage)


Thanks! That definitely what i need.

Also about JWT - is there any official announce about it? Can’t find anything

There’s nothing official announced.

It’s been discussed publicly (on slack) but no “it will happen by X” announcement.

Catherine Solenne [5:30 AM]
Testing access before or after fanfest? ^^

CCP Ghostrider [6:11 AM]
Can’t promise anything but I’m currently working on getting a build to an internal test server for the ESI guys to test, and if that goes well, we can open it up for you guys to test later. My spider-sense says after FanFest but it should be soon after. Possibly before, but that’s unlikely.
Also depends on when the ESI guys have something ready on their end to validate the JWT tokens.

Catherine Solenne [6:14 AM]
sounds good. So definitely before May 8th, most likely after Fanfest.

CCP Ghostrider [6:26 AM]
At least in a testable way. Can’t say we’ll be fully ready and open for everyone at that point, but we’ll try to.

Look like at least testable version after fanfest but before XML/CREST shutoff . :crossed_fingers:

nice :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks for the good news :slight_smile:

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