Off-Topic Thread vol. 2



I’m particularly proud of this one.


Dude you’re like my favorite poster lmao

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Shame Kim still won’t admit she did a goof when she maintained loyalty to Heth after the state politely asked hime to ■■■■ off…

thanks babe I appreciate it

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Not all of us can empty an alliance coffer for personal expenses.


:kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

It’s at least a little likely, pilot, that what the Empire really got out of that mission was dead Blood Raiders. It’s kind of “what we’re good for.” We’re strong weapons. Even fighting the Triglavians is really the same kind of work.

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You’re right. I’ve never known a Matari to be prideful at all; must be an Amarr only thing.

Everyone has pride.

Some individuals are just particularly stupid with how they react to theirs getting hurt a little.


We tend to lean more towards wrath, to be honest…

“There is a paradox in pride–it makes some men ridiculous, but prevents others from becoming so.”


I don’t. I am, without a single doubt, the most amazingly, incredibly, mind-bogglingly humblest person in the cluster. I am awash in humility. I exude self-deprecation and meekness. I am a veritable paragon of modest self-discipline and temperance of ego.

Awww yeah.


Really? I know another woman who disagrees. Here are some of her quotes.

Oh wait! That’s also you!

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Well she’s an arrogant ass! She even says so! And look at her… she’s got such an honest, trustworthy face. I’d believe her, if I were you.

Nonsense! That was 26 months ago! There’ve been eight or nine different Arrendises… Arrendes… Arrendisen… WHATEVER!! There’s been more’n half a dozen of us since her! She was an arrogant ass! I, on the other hand, am clearly the pinnacle of cluster-wide humility and down-to-dirt plainspoken simplicity since… I dunno, dirt itself?


Fine. I give up.

Regardless, I like ‘Arrendeese.’

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Long as you don’t start looking into Arrendose. :smirk:

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If I was to guess the plural, I’d probably think that the most likely would be “Arrendes.”

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Please report to the ego measuring facility, citizen!