Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

In sixth months time, if this proves to be the case Soldier, I shall retract my statements and apologize. However, if the situation does not change, then I shall expect an apology from you.

WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!! To dare to present me with such terms?
Are you out of your mind?!! Learn your place, civilian!

Considering we took Homeworld back after two hundred years, that’s the term after which we will talk.

I am Fala Terhisa Yokomes. I am a Financial and Marketing Executive for three subsidiary studios under the NOH corporate family on contract to a friend of The State, I know my place quite well Soldier, and it is not at you pleasure or demand, regardless of how loudly you proclaim I should learn to be subservient to your word. I served my mandatory tour, and now serve my Mega and The State in my own function and way with honor and distinction. No one in our culture is truly a civilian. We all serve. We all work for the betterment of the State at the behest of our Megas and the CEP.

As for your continued praise for the DISGRACED former Executor, who you continue to hold on a pedestal, even with his initial gains for our people, he also utterly failed us. Remember that.

Where is your insignia then?
Where is your rank?
Yes, we all serve. Being a marketing executive is a high and honorable position… for a baseliner.
You know, how we call eggers not on a direct military service to the State? WASTED POTENTIALS.

Do you even realize whom are you opening your mouth against?! Tibus Heth is one of the Greatest Caldari Heroes, standing in the same row as Matias Sobaseki and Yakia Tovil-Toba. He wasn’t ideal - and none of us humans are, and, indeed, his later failures saddened us. But what he did for us cannot be overshadowed by his failures. What he did for the State you won’t be able to achieve even in thousand of years! YOU dared to open your mouth against a Hero, whom you don’t worth! You don’t worth even tip of his pinky finger. Remember THAT.

That is what you call a capsuleer not in direct military service. Perhaps even how Templis CALSF view capsuleers not in direct military service, but your or your organization’s views are not reflective of the wider State.
As for my rank, I served as a Technical Chief aboard a cruiser patrolling The Forge from YC112 until YC116, before returning to my Mega to work, then completed my training to become a capsuleer through the Science and Trade Institute. Despite my comfortable position in the corporate ladder, I am no stranger to getting my hands dirty.

I open my mouth against a disgraced man, who remains wanted by The State, CEP, and the Megacorporations within The State as a traitor and leader of a terrorist insurgency by unanimous decision. He WAS a hero of The State. And he ultimately turned against and dishonored it, soiling that reputation. Or do you not remember June 14th of YC115?

Took me a while to find this thread. Turns out it was over 3 weeks ago it was used last.

So in order to defeat the Triglavians we simply need to have shoot him with their disintegrators and then he will rematerialize as a perfect triangle and become their one true leader?

(and I’ve enjoyed some real trash, lemme tell you).

Your choice of Alliance gave that away.

We can only dream.

Stories. Trash stories. Sheesh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it involve touching themselves in public? 0_o

You poor, sweet, summer child. What you’ve dealt with so far is nothing compared to what awaits you, and your leaders know it. Why do you think Vily and Progod aren’t pushing forward? Why are Vince and Killah holding back? Why two weeks of solid move ops, shuffling the same ships around again and again?

Why do you think they keep giving us more and more time to build more of a defense while they waste your time and energy shooting structures in outlying regions when you could have come straight from Aridia the whole time? When Querious is burned down, and they still lack the courage to come into Delve, what will you say if they tell you to pivot back to taking Fountain from Initiative again?

They will wear you down and use you up before they grow the spine needed to make a real attempt at winning.

Bait. Taken.

Now try putting that effort into defending your space.

It’s cute that you think that was effort.

Also, hey, how’s Fountain looking?

Tonight is a cheese and wine party at the University, for the staff at the beginning of the new academic year.

I wonder if anyone else is going to actually bring cheese this time.

Update: I was the only person to bring cheese. Again.

Why must everyone be so incompetent. Must I do everything myself ?

Considering my standing, or lack thereof among Electus Matari; rather than draw matters further off topic, I will repudiate your prevaricating drivel on my own account. In the thread spurring this response you have flitted from one untenable position to another, this beyond the disregard I expect from most kybernauts for contradictory points made by others, it shows an unusual incognisance of each prior position as you successively abandon them.

While I applaud the attempted nuance of opening with a question; I could scarcely think of worse context in which to uphold the fool notion that the Collective are the aggrieved party than that of your own making, the answer is a resounding yes, the Triglavians will be blamed, because it is their fault.

After ‘EDENCOM shot first’ was treated with the derision such a strikingly doltish remark deserved, we were treated to a profusion of what could charitably be called excuses. ‘If CONCORD helped maybe I would have stayed with EDENCOM’, ‘Actually… the EDENCOM Provost Marshal is Amarr I have every right to burn the cluster’, some reiteration that ‘CONCORD never help’ seasoned with ‘they just want to use you’. I do not even need to address these points, merely putting them next to one another exposes the insipidity of your justifications.

If you want to humanise the Collective, or have us ‘understand Triglavian culture’, do better– your attempts so far have been wretched.


The only thing we need to understand of the trigs, or any invaders of Matari space is how to kill them.


Hear, hear!

And wouldn’t you know? Turns out 1400mm slugs work pretty well!

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Apparently telling kybernauts to post their own threads rather than derail other peoples threads is not allowed under the rules of the IGS.

Haha-- well, it’d be part of the disruption itself if it’s responsive to a disruption after all.

Apparently CONCORD disagrees with you on this position.