Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Certainly not the purview of expansionist powers alone, which I doubt passed you by.

Obviously not, if a Caldari’s doing it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a very solid basis for saying that because if we had capitulated and remained on Caldari Prime there would be nothing left of our culture.

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And yet, you’ve already acknowledged that those who did remain did, in fact, retain much of their culture. And no, there is no reasonable basis to believe that, in the immediate wake of your ancestors’ retreat, they provided even a tiny bit of deterrent to the Federation forces.

A rather simplistic interpretation; the offence seems to be that the Federation appropriated a calamity they neither bore, nor assuaged.

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I’m aware, Captain. I was making fun of the Catch 22 that capsuleers create.

I suppose I should have assumed you were joking, but it’s hard to read tone in text alone sometimes.

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I have a problem of trying to be hard to read at all times and it’s just really something.

So there I was, when I received a notification that someone replied to my post where I accused that guy Julian Flavours of being guilty of the crime of nocturnal pornolalia, and I thought that someone was going to ask what that even was, because it’s a term that I just made up for the purposes of that post. It means “saying rude things in the night”. Or something like that.

Anyway, it turns out that despite the IGS thingamydoodad saying that my post was replied to, the alleged reply contained absolutely zero reference to my humorous wordage.

I was thus mildly disappointed for the rest of the day.


I am terribly sorry for my apparent rude non-reply. I did click the reply to respond but it got lost in my frantic typing.

To your word - Nocturnal pornolalia I giggled for sure and I thought it some play on being a workaholic going through the night to produce some high quality work than wouldn’t be safe before the watershed.

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Oh, pardon me.

I know how fragile you Imperials can be. I am ever so sorry to have engaged with you on a topic completely unrelated to any of the reasons why you dislike me.

I’ll try not to make that mistake again.
I’ll allow you to feel any way that you wish about this post.

sighs don’t do a search about our recent dinner at the Gobi for the writing contest Organizer’s Award… I apologize in advance if you just did.

What is wrong with people!? IT WAS JUST A DINNER!

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She’s pretty definitely not, pilot, and she’s an egger anyway. As far as the law’s concerned we’re basically tiny sovereign nations.

Anyway, Electus Matari’s politics is more or less what you’d guess from their name.

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I mean, as far as I’ve ever heard, the Amarr god’s supposed to be pretty cosmically beyond any human conception. So while ‘herself’ is necessarily incorrect, ‘himself’, ‘itself’, or literally any pronoun that the human mind can understand is equally incorrect and inadequate.


While where the borders of that are is a disputed matter, the Amarr Empire has failed to take care of Sundsele Renouncers for 143 years and counting. I am not particularly worried because I posted a SoE influenced heresy to the capsuleer IGS.

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According to the rules, if your heresy goes longer than 5 emperor’s reigns without action against it, it changes to an unapproved heterodoxy, and then you enter extra time, where the Empire has 100 years to denounce it as an official heresy, otherwise it goes to a penalty shoot out between representatives of the Theology Council and the heterodoxy to decide if it is heresy or accepted heterodoxy.


I admit–I laughed way, way harder at this than I should have.

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I’m sure Commodore Vektor could do so in a reasonable diplomatic venue and that both PIE and LUMEN would take them far more seriously than they would unsubstantiated public insinuations.

You, on the other hand, have demonstrated a remarkable ability to first take a statement out of context and then become implacably outraged by the new meaning you impose onto those decontextualised words. So in no context can I see myself trusting your account of anything at all.