Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

No, not this time.

Curses ! Foiled again !

Sir, respectfully, I think you mean “ad hominem,” an Amarrish phrase meaning “to the person” (instead of, like, “to the argument”).

A homonym is a word with identical spelling or pronunciation to another, but totally different meaning, like “rose” (“he rose from his seat to walk in the rose garden”), “knight” and “night,” or “to,” “too,” and “two.”

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Yes, that is what I meant. Thanks for this.

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The joys of communication.


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You’ve dropped this idea in four different threads just now. I know that particular activity is not a new fixation for you, but what’s with the sudden intensity of your obsession with it?

I get paid a commission of 1 goat for every cubic metre of safety mud sold as a result of my promotional efforts. Use code “ValVal” at the checkout to receive 5% off the cost of your order.

I’m almost definitely going to regret asking this, but what is “safety mud”? Is it like mud that’s oxygenated to the point where people can’t easily drown in it or something? (That seems like a fire hazard though…)

Kaztropolitan certified non-toxic safety sports mud, is sold in dehydrated form, to be mixed on site with water, to form a dimensionally stable sporting mud, with neutral pH to avoid any danger of chemical burns to the users of the mud. It contains no biologically active material, and is not metabolised if accidentally ingested.

Ah. Surprisingly prosaic and practical yet somehow off-putting and weird.

So, directly on-brand. Well done?

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If I were to choose this venue and material to settle a score - for how long can you guarantee that the mud will remain non-toxic? Given my apparent composition, and the fact that nature abhors a vacuum, I’m curious as to how long it would take for me to corrupt said mud relative to someone like Arrendis :slight_smile:

I don’t hate the imagery you invoke.

But I’ve come a long way towards being put back together and am already far more sturdy than I ever was before. The remaining rough edges are a feature, not a bug. You are however completely correct in that they are indeed hazardous to those of the Amarr Faith.


The anniversary was that of joining EM.

Are such anniversaries not noticed in other organizations? Here, throwing a party is maybe not the norm for everyone, but it happens, and we do tend to comment on anniversaries and congratulate. As obviously in Arsia’s case joining us is a fairly bigger change than for most of us, I felt it natural she wanted to recognize it.

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Perhaps, but when the recognition takes the form of a party against God, publicly and detestably branding Him as ‘Evil’, it’s hard to view it as merely an innocuous celebration of one’s anniversary in an organisation.



Just another example then of how it is just fine to post as much as you like about God in whose name all must be Reclaimed, but spirits forbid that someone’d openly object, that would be rude.


She routinely did this before making her apostasy public; her party was not framed convincingly as objection, rather a loud and unsophisticated heresy.

Your beliefs were nearby I surmise, and nature does abhor a vacuum.

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Objection to God’s right of conquest is by definition heresy. I don’t see what your point is?

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I believe that to be a false equivalence, though it is unfortunately one I’ve seen made many times here.

There are many ways of disagreeing with the Faith and the destiny of the Reclaiming. The Caldari State and the Servant Sisters of EVE, for example, evidently do not consider themselves subjects of Holy Amarr. Nevertheless, neither do they denounce Holy Amarr or God as evil; they instead engage with us in good faith - in acts of cooperation and trust-building. There is a distinct difference between that approach, and one that explicitly denounces the Faith as evil, seeking to be combative and hostile.

Similarly, the Faithful - despite our fervent belief in the Lord, His Empire, and the inevitability of the Reclaiming - recognise the cooperative nature of those entities and, despite their current lack of recognition of the Faith as the one true divine path, reciprocate in kind. Advocating the Reclaiming and holding true to the Faith does not, in itself, necessitate a combative approach to others. Our blossoming relationship with the State, and the aforementioned joint research activities between the Royal House of Kor-Azor and the Servant Sisters, serve as proof of this.

Equating sincere belief in the light of the Faith, God’s divinity, and the inevitability of the Reclaiming to combative, hostile accusations of evil is a fallacy.

I do understand that this is a topic you feel quite strongly about, Rhiannon, and it does make sense to me why that is. The Republic has most-regrettably committed itself to a path that has meant that the fruitfulness of good-faith engagement with the Empire has been largely denied to it. Indeed, the direction that the government of this more recent tribal Republic has insisted upon poses many unfortunate challenges that have largely forced a more stern relationship between us. It makes me ponder what could have been had your former government not collapsed.

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The “inevitability” you believe in and fervently wish for is that my way of life is ended and my gods and spirits forgotten, replaced by yours and yours alone, serving the Empire and the Empire alone.

Just because you are nice about it does not make it a nice thing to wish for.

At least those who come at us with weapons are honest about their purpose.


You speak as the though voluntary acceptance of another path, based upon your own recognition of its merits, is not a thing.

There is little more productive that can come from this conversation. I have said what I felt needed to be said.

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