Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I don’t see what’s unclear there, but I’ll break it down.

  1. CalNav and GalNav forces were actively blowing one another up.
  2. The data could be retrieved from Caldari Navy wrecks not created via capsuleer violence.
  3. ARC’s offer did not call for violence, only the retrieval of data.
  4. Henrik made the claim that ‘not a single one [of the pilots violating Navy ordinances] was not shooting the Navy to do it’. ie: that every pilot responding to ARC’s bounty chose violence.
  5. I have already described how at least one person there (me) was violating those ordinances and not shooting Navy vessels to do it.

The odds of me being the only capsuleer to engage in any given behavior are infinitesimal. So it’s probably safe to extrapolate that others engaged in the same behavior. Which means we can infer that others likely chose not to shoot at the Navy, as well.

So, if he’s going to get pissy about the way capsuleers responded to ARC’s offer—an offer that neither called for, nor required violence—and insist on claiming that everyone who came to get the bounty shot at CNav ships, well, then he’s wrong. And he should be prepared to have that claim challenged.

No, people from your nation died because capsuleers decided to use violence to get something when the use of violence was unnecessary. You are, in effect, claiming that if someone ganks a miner, scoops their ore and sells it in Jita, anyone buying ore in Jita is responsible for the gank.

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Im not sure which is bigger waste time and bandwidth, debating with that moron Culome or a Sansha True Slave, but it seems my peers saw fit to engage with both.

The focus should not be on clashing with every capsule-demented cretin that gets off on inspiring the ire of others in public, but determining if this bounty against the Caldari Navy was, in fact, simply the work of a spineless traitor posting it in ARC’s name (something that any responsible organization would have disavowed quickly as to not be associated with this) or the Consortium’s actual stance.

Ms. Raske’s statement gives me hope for the former, yet it still does not condemn or disavow Priano-hnolku’s actions.

Until this clarification is given, ARC and their known associates will be treated as enemies of the State.


The fact that you chose to sift through post-battle wreckage in a cloaked ship doesn’t change that other Capsuleers did attack the Caldari Navy head-on to obtain the data. That happened, I saw it, and I will hold the people who flashed ISK at those Capsuleers in contempt for it.


No, it doesn’t. And I never said it did.

But the people who bear responsibility for Caldari Navy vessels being destroyed are the people who chose to destroy them, not the people who, in effect, just put up a buy order in Jita.

Like that’s anything new. You and the rest of Kim’s Krakhed Kommandos made up your minds about them long before they actually did anything. After all, you’re one of the people who’s been railing against ARC since the days when you openly flew for the enemies of the State.


Don’t you people have better stuff to do than still beating this dead horse? Do you really think somebody on either side of this outrage/discussion will change their opinions/policies?
Nobody cares, go shoot each other in space if you all hate each other so much.

The interesting part is what the hell are doing the trigs there? Not how the data got to the public

Typical Makoto is back at her obvious groundless accusations and slanders.

What are you trying now, to earn a largest and heaviest “Liar of YC124” medal? Or you want to prove to whole IGS how rotten to the core you are? Anyone still not aware of it?

I have actually explained it all just aove, please, for Maker’s sake dont make me repeat it all over again.

No. Again, please read the legal notice that has been sent to you, was it mentioning any Provist or Dragonaur? No. You have been slandering one of the most merited Protectorate corporations of the past.

I am considering sending a new notice about recognizing you as a wanted suspect if you refuse to answer for your crimes in a honorable manner.

It really couldn’t be said better! Though I really wouldn’t hope - or trust any words that Raske is saying.

Take that Priano for example, how many years she began her campaign of slanders? And you have just seen how she still did it again right here. Who else in sane mind and straight face would say that I “commit genocide”?

Words of liars are never to be trusted.

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I am at least grateful that you chose to pursue a different course, but if I started publicly advertising that I wanted data files that are only present in the computers of a major power’s navy, patrolling within a specific system, then it stands to reason that I would be blamed for a sudden uptick in losses there. I can understand your reasoning, but this was specific enough that it put a target on the backs of the people serving there. And people warned them that this would go down the way it did. People warned them multiple times. They had ample time to cancel the bounty. They did not. People pointed out that they have committed similar actions in Republic space, which led me to suspect the worst. Those suspicions were confirmed when random Capsuleers suddenly started pouring into Athounon after the bounty was posted. This conversation also isn’t overly dramatic. People are simply informing them that they know what they did, and that it won’t be forgotten. Going on an ill-advised quest for vengeance against people with clone contracts would be pointless.

The AO is sort of dead at the moment.

We can certainly hope that they will.

I have read it.

I do not have any crimes to answer for.


If I did, I’d be doing it, wouldn’t I? :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course you would. And the people doing that would be wrong, and idiots for doing so. If I ask you to go to a specific restaurant and get me a specific dish that only that chef makes, and you go in and rob the place, I didn’t tell you to rob the place. If I say ‘hey, I’ll give 20 ISK to anyone who goes to Huggar Station to pick me up some tsuivan’, I don’t expect people to go shooting up my home to get me lunch. Even if I’m paying for lunch!1

Since when has reality impacted anything she says?

1. Also, just as an aside, I’d be pretty put out at anyone accusing me of sending people to shoot at my family. OTOH, I could seriously go for some of my mom’s kindakjöt kimchi. I need to get the recipe from her.

Slander is a criminal offense.

Debating with a True Slave would be the Bigger waste of Effort, as a True Slave does not have Freedom of Thought. It is a Bio-Machine that implements Master Sansha’s Will. Thus, you would be in Effect debating with Sansha Kuvakei Himself, whose Opinions you would Not Change, because he is the most Obstinate Human ever to have Existed, Ever.

But Evi Polevhi is Not a True Slave. I have Talked with Her before, she is quite Personable.
Also Arrendis Culome can be quite Stubborn, but is also Someone who you can Talk with and Persuade of Things. She is not a Moron.

When you control millions of puppets, you might give commands to them, but you are physically unable to process feedback from each of them. I believe True Slaves being stubborn is a characteristic of their communication infrastructure rather than obstinance of Kuvakei himself.

I strongly disagree based on my experience of interactions with that… being. And I wouldn’t call her stubborn, I’d call her… lacking.

A collective effort can be shouldered upon many individuals where it might normally overwhelm one. Nation’s voice is a choir of voices. The Master’s vision guides, but Nation itself is directed by many throughout her hierarchy of minds. Many True Citizens guide and direct, allowing for an efficient distribution of thought.

And how do we know that’s the case and not daddy Sasha directing you to say that?

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