Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Good point. Will do.

After all, it’s hardly to my disadvantage if both your intel and your brain are malfunctioning.


You can Probably get a Discount on Bulk Orders of used Brains from the Blood Raider Covenant’s Corpse Dealers and Biomass Recyclers.

I would not Expect the Quality to be particularly Good though.

The Covenant are Strange.

What exactly is the point of this thread?

To post things that don’t belong in any other thread, but that also don’t necessarily merit the creation of their own, ma’am.

It is particularly useful in situations where somebody brings up a topic in a different thread that one feels deserves a response - but that would also see the thread’s purpose and usefulness detracted from if the response was given there - to write their response here instead, thereby minimizing disruption in the original thread.

Well, that’s the idea, anyway. Half of the time it just devolves into the school-playground-argument style nonsense you see above.


Which, being generally off-topic, is on-topic for this one.


Let me make this abundantly clear: I don’t give a fetid fedo fart about the theoretical possibilities for all of the particles in a random patch of space to randomly arrange themselves into a specific low-entropy configuration that is amazingly low in probability. You suggested that there’s a threat of this situsation benefitting the nullblocs through the complete and utter collapse of the civilizations of high security space in this cluster allowing an invasion of highsec. There is not. I have entertained the utter nonsense you’ve spewed on the theoretical possibility of such a ridiculous occurrence purely out of an abundance of politeness, but that abundance has run dry.

You are vomiting out crap that yes, I can give you 100% assurances, will not happen. And that is the last reply you’re getting.


I … understand why this would be, and why it would be useful. It’s just so much the opposite of what I try to do …

Guess I wouldn’t be much of a diplomat.

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This being started with a hypotesis, no matter what’s his probability. It can also be very low close to null, but it’s not completely null. Have you ever studied statistics? life sciences? Lesson number one: nothing can be completely certain or completely impossible. Anything that’s been proven, even the most obvious one, has a 99% minimum that can occur.

Mr. Lafisques? Without taking either side, can you possibly just not? The argument’s got way out in the weeds, and even if Arrendis has a little tendency to carve reality up into little boxes and then insist that the situation is all THIS box and not at all THAT one you’re also arguing for the possibility of something you seem to have already conceded is vanishingly unlikely.

The difference between “extremely improbable” and “won’t happen” is thin enough to just not be very interesting.


Go to say it to whoever thinks that something can be only black or only white.

Sure. Will. … Think I have, even.


I just read that somewhere and it made me smile. I’m sure you’d be a great diplomat, especially at “letting other people have your way.”

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Your whole faith is based on wrath and power. It is expressly a vehicle for the powerful to maintain that power.

There is a non-zero chance of you accidentally choking on your food, Lafisques. Do you spend every meal time contemplating and worrying over that possibility, unable to eat just in case this will be the dodgy apple slice that suffocates you?

That is the level of illogical, self serving ego stroking, pseudointellectual trite you’re trying to pander to us, and not for the first time. Grow up.


Unofortunately, that’s what the Holy Rite has devolved in to over eons of deliberate misinterpretation to justify what is essentially chattel slavery of what they see as lesser races.

For me and those I know, faith and piousness is an individual act, not something earned or inherently greater than bloodline. Being a True Amarr to me (and I’m half True Amarr and half Jin-Mei) is that it is a responsibility over a status to encourage others to join our faith and serve as shepards and custodians of the faith with compassion, not serve as hardened herders who coerce people in to faith.

Faith is only genuine when you willingly embrace yourself, not when it’s forced upon you.

No, that’s the core of it. That’s the core of any hierarchical system that appeals to an absolute authority, especially one that can’t be questioned because you can’t pin down an immaterial entity to demand answers. And you can’t say that that’s a corruption, because that’s what the religion was used for from the beginning on Athra: to enforce order in a way that gives ‘the chosen’ the power to go out and take moral retribution on those they feel oppressed them.

Whenever you get someone saying ‘I have this book. This book is infallible. And this book says that you need to obey me.’ that should send up red flags. The fact that they cloak it in ‘and you can’t argue because the invisible man gave me the book’… just makes it more suspect.

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No. Please, re-read above. Repeating, it was only a proposed hypotesis, nor worrying (since it’s almost impossible), nor impossible (since the concept of perfection value doesn’t exist).

I’ve always found it so terribly convenient that the supreme creator of the universe decided that its revelation was to be revealed to one specific continent on one specific planet only, and that it did so in a way that just so happens to be entirely beyond the understanding of anyone who happens to be insufficiently enlightened as judged solely by the genetic descendants of people from that continent, but the revelation is “people from that continent own the entire universe.”

A real “dad said I get the whole inheritance, no you may not see the will, not that it would matter since only I can read his handwriting” situation.

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So, not to get into the core of your point, there, Mr. Ixiris? But I think that’s a Serpent you’re talking to.

I seem to recall she (claims that she) still maintains some ties and loyalty to the State (and fair enough, those feelings are hard to shake), but she’s probably not the ideal person to direct those remarks at.

At the same time and for the same reason it’s usually a good idea to check for possible ulterior motives when she’s talking.

With the greatest of respect - and I do mean that genuinely, Aria, it’s nice to see you again - whether or not she’s State or Serpentis doesn’t trouble me that much. Also, “occupational forces” might be pushing it, but I definitely consider Sarpati to be a fascist strongman, and servants of the extortion racket Serpentis are certainly in no position to lecture about self-governance.

Also it’s something other than “Mr.” nowadays. Not sure what, exactly. The students at CAS just call me “commander” nowadays and that works fine for me.