Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

After how much time in the land of infinitely shapeshifting people, values, words and… actions… will you stop striving to “use” anything?..

Imagine how he’ll feel about me having him on permanent ‘ignore’ since his first comment. :wink:


The very fact that you imagine what the other person might feel puts you in a loosing position. Even more so when it concerns a novice, for whom your contempt is as well known as your fondness for licking boots, those above you.

Generally, I have a lot more contempt for the non-novice. Novices tend to be eager to learn, not to judge. As for licking boots… if I were eager to do that, I’d still be in the swarm, now wouldn’t I?

Mostly, I reserve my contempt for the dishonest, like sockpuppets who get new CONCORD identification papers right before posting to yell at me for ignoring them. So welcome to the ignore list on this ID, too.

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some… ailments… we are not able to remove from our lives despite countless attempts and sincere desires… it is important not to give up and not to lose hope…

Then you have not met the Transcranial Microcontroller, which is a component in the manufacture of basically all combat implants for capsuleers, and which many Holders do use to control their slaves.

I was speaking in reference to the implants Sansha’s Nation use to lobotomize and irreversibly enslave their victims, but fair enough.

Yeah, and the TCMCs implanted in slaves limit the ways their brains can respond, to only include the options their Holders choose to allow. It’s a difference of degree, not of fundamental nature.

I suppose that depends on what you mean by nature. If TCMCs are merely a component within implants then the construction of the greater whole is likely much different. For example: The difference between a True Slave implant and a True Citizen implant. The former completely robs its host of their free will while the latter modifies their cognitive function.

If nature in this case refers to basic abstract intention then sure. However, because the microcontroller is an ubiquitous interfacing device I’d argue that the construction and composition of Sansha True Slave implants is much more insidious and harmful than the implants the Amarr use to “soft-subjugate” their slaves. Plus the latter can be removed.

Capsuleer implants can be removed. I don’t know that the slave control implants (generally referred to as ‘TCMCs’ in their entirety) can be.

Hard to say with certainty. I haven’t seen any lore chronicles that imply one way or the other. The only thing I can think of related to that topic is the fact that Jamyl Sarum emancipated an entire generation of slaves by Imperial decree. I presume that wouldn’t be possible if a large portion of them were subject to unremovable implants, but I know that’s a stretch of reasoning.

Briefly, on questioning, I think we’re of like mind. To ask why isn’t to undermine, but to understand. In understanding, we can anticipate and freely pursue action in accordance with that understanding.

Admittedly, when it comes to jaalan (and I’ll be brief, as this is a public forum known for what it is), I often find myself pursuing action-in-accordance even when current strategies or objectives seem to fly in the face of past understandings. Our leaders are under no obligation to explain themselves or behave with logical or strategic consistency, but I often wish they would.


Do Many people Think this Way ? My Style when Writing is supposed to help Emphasise the important Points, does it Not achieve This ?

Does this Extend to occasions when I am Speaking ? I have been Told that my Speech is Precise and easy to Understand, was this not truthful and instead Wanton Flattery by Obsequious Persons ?

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Hm. I tend to feel a little like the risk’s usually not going far enough-- like sensitive dependence on initial conditions is basically the weeds growing all over, well, everything, every attempt at prediction and control, and the longer the timescale the thicker the weeds?

Fun! … And also why I get so hung up on complexity.

Yo, Yet Another Sockpuppet ID created 6h ago to make this post! Welcome to ignore.

a) I said the Swarm, which is different.
b) Goonswarm != Sansha’s Nation
c) I am not, and have never been, a kyber. I flew with EDENCOM,
d) I don’t think I’ve even been to Poch.
e) I left Goonswarm over kyber crap, so good job making yourself look even more idiotic than normal.
f) There really isn’t an (f), I just wanted to finish on (f) to tie up your utter failure at sockpuppetry with a tidy little ‘F for Ffort’.

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to properly show the insane complexity of our experiential history? Yes. To avoid derailing a conversation into discussing the minutiae of same? Nope, danger’s definitely in going too far, digging too deep.

I can’t believe, you not only didn’t use a mirror, but you didn’t use any of the psychological gibberish techniques either. A little more and I’ll free you from the tentacles of your soulless masters, I promise Ruda!

Sir, I am afraid you’re wasting your breath on a rather ignorant unintelligent forum abuser who deserves none. That goon represents no threat neither in discussion nor on grid in space. Though if you wish to waste your time on chasing clowns in space, I am not going to hold you, just warning you to not commit a mistake I did when I honestly was taking her as an opponent worthy of consideration.

@Arrendis I would Like an Answer to this Question, before I reply in That Thread.

Not having polled them, I can’t say how many. I do know that I’ve heard at least two or three express mild annoyance about it, however… I also know that from the way they’ve expressed it, you may have already resolved it by explaining the method behind your textual style.

On the whole, though, I would say: if they can’t be bothered bringing their issue with you to you, then either it isn’t significant enough to warrant altering your habits… or they aren’t.

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