Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Narrator: Both pilots were infinitely more skilled than him.


Yes. I’m applauding the 3-kill pilot trolling the thread with a textbook example of… wait for it… projection. Well-played, sir. You even got someone to take the bait.


Projection allows Logistics ships to Function.

“I’m ok, you’re ok.”

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Seriously, that’s going to be one of the categories ? Where was this announced ?

There was no invasion of Intaki.

There was a Federal peace and security mission conducting pacification operations against Intaki terrorists and secessionists aimed at restoring order and securing the freedom of indigenous residents from the violence of non-state actors.

… through violence by non-State actors.

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Anyone who joins a cult seriously expecting a tech mogul with a messiah complex to fix their problems gets a low opinion from me.

So in addition to thinking atrocities are civilized, you think that the people abducted from their homes in Sansha Incursions ‘join a cult’?

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Hrm. In fairness he might only be speaking of the voluntary “True Citizens”? Though either way it seems like we’re a few decades past calling Sansha Kuvakei a tech mogul.

I mean … important/powerful, yeah. Tech? Sure, sort of. Just, it kinda seems like “master component of a vast predatory hive mind” is the more important thing.

No, the people who are abducted by Nation in their incursions and elsewhere are the victims of atrocity and every effort should be made to save them if at all possible.

Well, those are the majority of the Sansha, so I guess you were taking out your rear again.

I had no idea our leafleteering was so notable that it has become a bit of a meme on the Federation.

Furthermore, it reduces Lady Newelle to a caricature of Amarrian villainy. Anyone who knows her beyond the IGS knows better.

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So will you say that the Amarr are allowed to say ‘hey, no, we can let those guys remain outside the faith and not loyal to the throne’, or is every Amarr required to bring all of humanity into union with God under the Golden Throne?

You talk about the worldview I want the Amarr to espouse… I want the Amarr to espouse a worldview of peaceful, respectful coexistence with all of their neighbors, including heathens and apostates. I truly believe some of you even want to. So please, tell me, Amicia: can you commit to that kind of worldview? I’m not even asking you to do it. I’m just asking you to say whether or not doing so would be permitted by the Empire.

Villany? Honesty is villainous?

Personally, I find it a bit Odd that the “Truest” Amarr in the Opinion of apparently Many, is not an Ethnic True Amarr.

I quite Like Ibrahim Tash-Murkon. He has a Monocle.

We’re living in a post-racial future here. It’s like how “Gallente” doesn’t refer to ethnic Gallente…

Whether you believe the reclaiming to be an act of force, as has been practiced for most of known history, or more liberally as a ‘natural’ societal progression, there is a level of hubris required by the Amarr faith that spits in the face of anyone outside of it.

Yet, the Amarr are so convinced of their superiority, I can only imagine that as the turbulence of time and space carry unforeseen changes to New Eden, the faith will buckle under its own dogma. This can already be seen happening with splinter groups like the Blood Raiders and the events of Empress Jamyl’s ascension.

Amarr conceit will surely spell doom for the unfortunate individuals who have built their livelihoods around it. When this does happen, may god have mercy on your haughty souls…

You can’t even be an Amarrian these days without people thinking you own a secret volcano lair where you plot to take over the cluster.

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Honestly, if Imperial citizenship came with a secret volcano lair, I’d consider it.