Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

It’s all about winning friends and influencing people.

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One of Arrendis’s clanfolk, I believe. Shows a bit, no?

Someone who’s read enough to know you’re Sani Sabik, and knows enough of Elkin’s activity to make an informed judgment.

More relevantly, one of Elkin’s ‘Clanfolk’.

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Oh, has she been adopted in? Through a bond to Arrendis or strictly on her own?

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Hmm. Well then.

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You know, I’ve noticed something recently. It seems as though several participants on this Summit have taken to using backhandedly endearing terminology towards me all of a sudden these last couple of weeks:

  • Rhiannon calls me ‘cute’ when taking issue with my use of her family name.
  • Lord Consort Newelle calls me ‘young one’ when dodging my question about an apparent inconsistency in his expressed views.
  • Arrendis mocks my supposed ‘adorable naivete’ when I present a point she disagrees with.

Admittedly, jabs designed to undermine each other’s character are nothing unusual here, so I’m probably overracting a little, but I feel like it didn’t really happen in this manner until the last month or so. I’d be lying if I said that it doesn’t make me somewhat self-conscious…

Over a year ago she was publicly announced as a daughter of the Clan. I know of no change to her status since then. And, as her… ‘mentor’… is an idiot of supreme caliber and compromised judgment, I am officially her sponsor. So if Elkin’s status had changed, I have no doubts I would know.


((OOC: Not sure if you are trolling or not, but this is a role play thread where folks are posting as their characters to the lore events unfolding in new eden))

Adept Cora, perhaps it is because some people - or cultures - equate calendar years with wisdom. It seems to be a common denominator across the Empires, including our own. With time and persistence, this too will change for you.

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I am quite sure that Arsia is mean enough and witty enough to respond to my snark in the appropriately culturally Amarrian way.

Not sure why you felt the need to intervene, but I suppose it does your clan credit that you back one another up in this way.

Well, then let me explain it to you in words small enough for you to understand:

Because I felt like it.

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That’s a want, not a need.

I admit, I’m shocked you can tell the difference. But, since it seems my last response vastly overestimated your intelligence, I’ll spell it out even more clearly: I didn’t need to. I wanted to. Would you like the contraction and past tense explained, too?

Sure, why not.

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The former is a shortening of two words by omitting letters, and the latter is how you change words to indicate something that happened already. Wait, sorry…

The first one is how you make two words small by making one word.
The other one is for things not now, but not ‘not yet’, too.

You’re ok with 5-letter words, right?

No, you cannot. Nor should you place any weight in whether or not others respect you.

As you should. The only respect you need is your own.

If you could express yourself solely in words whose length is a prime number, that’d be grand.


Can do. Can you?

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Not so fast. Just got the hang of 4 letter words like Gank, Bear and Baby.

Yay. And?

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