Off-Topic Thread

(Ria Nieyli) #390

Murderers, thieves and tramps.

(Halcyon Ember) #391

I’m hurt by this comment.

(Teinyhr) #392

Were I into women you would be my top pick Halcyboo.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #393

Actually I think we get tired of death, every time we are fried we become less human and more digital.

I used to think as Arrendis does, that each clone is an individual life, distinct and unique. Now my view is changing, the clones we wear are not human, merely close approximations.

Our first voluntary death was our only death in the human sense, now we are infomorphs, collections of memories that interact to express our persona.As long as those memories persist so do we.

In a sense we always were just that, a memory bank of experience stored away in a biological self mobile data store. Consider as a baseliner you can retrofit chips in your brain to assist memory function, cognitive function, academic capability etc, etc.

Take that to it’s logical conclusion where the brain has been completely replaced. Is that baseliner still human? Or are they now the same as capsuleers? There would be no reason why said baseliner couldn’t be digitally copied, transferred, returned to a clone with another synthetic brain.

And one for the God squad among you, where would the soul reside? What is the soul? Is it intrinsic to the flesh, or does it live in our experiences?

In short, I’ve gotten over the whole ‘death’ thing with regards to myself, I’m still Corra no matter which meat shield my memories express themself through.

My concern is to protect my crew as best I can, and I go to extreme lengths to do so. They don’t have the luxury of a networked escape root. I guess I got tired of people being needlessly killed around me.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #394

I guess I am not in the vast majority.

Then again, I think my perspective on life is in the minority. That I consider strife an essential part of my human condition. Whether it comes from the benign competition between others; the desire to explore, expand, and conquer; or the struggle against oneself. They all demand one to strive, to be ambitious, to be better tomorrow than one is today.

To forego that essential strife, the demands of struggle and challenge then one only reaches the complacency that breeds stagnation and the death of a civilization’s suicide. I need only look at the Jove to see such in action. They cut out such “base” instincts that bred strife – aggression, competition, desire, and ambition. In the end, they just died of the ennui that comes from no longer having anything to strive for, or struggle against.

Many capsuleers want to be the same way.

Of course, many have balked and disagreed with my perspective over the years. Yet, here I remain as passionate to venture forth with boldness to seek out that strife which is the locus of my life. Most of them appear to have stuck the metaphorical shotgun between their lips and pulled the trigger, hoping I think, some higher power or authority will prevent me, and people just like me inheriting the cluster.

Which perhaps is the more fascinating to me, and terrifying idea to them to hold.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #395

Oh, you mean how I can make contradictory statements like:

Hi, I am Veikitamo, a corporate intelligence operative for Kaalakiota,


Hi, I am Veikitamo, an independent mercenary, criminal, and traitor, with no ties to Kaalakiota tacit or otherwise,

Where both are simultaneously true and false depending on who you ask dear?

(Tannia Ambrye) #396

So, NOT really permanent, just until one dies and is then replaced sort of permanent.

raise the bloody dagger, intone, “And Molok the Deceiver was sacrificed upon the Altar of God”, and three times thrust it through the hearts of Wicked slaves, one of each Minmatar bloodline, sipping their blood and filling with it a golden vial which she will forever wear around her neck.

If people weren’t needlessly suffering and dying I would be making colourful comments about the harm the belief in absurdities can lead to. As it is, you’re a walking advertisement for atheism, no special comment from me is required. Well done.

The option to join the Faith is available to all, of course; your initiations will take place in the existing, opposite Initiation Chamber and follow the same format. Reservations required for non-Aria Jenneths, however.

Oh sure, special treatment for Ms. Jenneth. Actually, if you cared about her the way you claim you’d leave her alone and stop doing these things you know hurt her. But this isn’t about her really, is it?

(Halcyon Ember) #397

If the old forums were still active you would be able to view my numerous comments concerning the interactions between narcissistic abusers and their intended victims.

(Lasairiona Raske) #398

Always cycles back to the beginning.

(Arrendis) #399

a)I’m pretty sure the Amarr Empire is more famous than he is.
b)That kind of ‘you are the most famous’ is exactly what he’s looking for. Congratulations, Kim, you are worshiping at the altar he has built for you.

(Kalaratiri) #400

I mean, yeah. Pretty much that.

(Che Biko) #401

You may be right. Tuulinen might disagree with you. I may have been responding more to him than you. But anyway, maybe you could share your views on the role of CONCORD during Operation Highlander? One of their ships was destroyed, there was a sort of a “countdown” with ample time for CONCORD to push buttons before Caldari Prime might be doomsdayed, yet they did not. Why do you think they did not?

Doing alright there…

Damn. guess I’m ■■■■■■.

I kinda wanna hug you now.

(Arrendis) #402

If I had to guess, because 2/5 of the CONCORD executive council, or whatever they call it, were telling them ‘STAY THE HELL OUT OF THIS’ and the other 3/5 recognized that getting involved, even through CONCORD, in events around Caldari Prime was probably going to spark a firestorm.

Ironic, considering it’s exactly the kind of situation CONCORD’s supposed to prevent… but then, they’re supposed to prevent it, not intervene, I suppose. Either way, CONCORD sucking at their job doesn’t change their options when it comes to reprisals against individual actors who aren’t in charge of massive military infrastructure (and don’t work for people who control CONCORD’s funding).

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #403

The use of a haptic contact podsuit while under a state of hydrostatic capsule induced synesthesia, and a class 3 hallucinogen during the playing of the third movement of Sevini’s Caprice no. 6 is ill advised.

(Halcyon Ember) #404

Well this definitely can’t be talking about me. I’m not a good boy, I’m a bad girl. I also certainly don’t post in an attempt to curry favour with anyone. It sounds to me like someone is feeling a little sensitive and touchy about posting in a public forum and people disagreeing with her.

Shame on you all.

(Diana Kim) #405

Learn the difference between disagreement and attack.

(Halcyon Ember) #406

After you.

(Diana Kim) #407

That’s quite pathetic attack, as I clearly know the difference.

(Halcyon Ember) #408

I’m certain one day you’ll be able to demonstrate this, rather than simply labelling everyone as trolls, if that is the case.

(Aradina Varren) #409

:fire: :fire: :fire: