Office Rental Fees

Can anyone explain why office rental fees go up by millions of isk every month? After being away from game for several months, the office rental fees went up an insane amount of isk and drained my corp account, despite having excellent standings with the station. what gives?


It depends on the number of free offices. The more crowded it gets the more expensive the rental fees become.

Where is your office and how many offices are still available for rent?

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The increasing rental fee on stations with 0 open offices is to encourage people to unrent unused offices and open office slots for other people.


Note that office rental fees in NPC stations are dynamic ; they vary per station and will go up or down depending on demand at the station. Office rental fees are calculated daily at downtime based on the number of free offices at downtime. Monthly fees rise by 5% when there are no available offices at the station; prices stay the same when there is one available office. When there are two or more available offices, prices drop - the size of the drop is based on the number of available offices[1]. Since you only get a bill every 30 days and prices can rise by 5% per day , there can be a large difference between one month’s rent and the next month’s rent (in the worst case, the rent can quadruple!).


Not just to encourage them, but to stop dead corporations and departed players from occupying offices by burning through the ISKs in their corp wallets. Which is very likely what OP is experiencing first hand.


This is also why you should not be nice to your neighbors, the less you have the less you pay :skull_and_crossbones:

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