Corp office fees question

Not a big deal, but I’m a numbers guy, and this just made me curious…

In the station I’m looking at, the corp office fee hasn’t changed in 4 days. Per the Eve-uni wiki, prices should be a) recalculated each day, and b) stay unchanged when there is exactly one free slot.

In this case, there are (and have been each day) 3 free slots, so either it’s not recalculated each day, or the number of free slots to keep it unchanged is 3, not 1.

Anybody know which it is?

it’s based on number of docks at the station, how many offices it already has and the overall activity of the system. If that stays roughly the same, and why wouldn’t it, then it won’t change much if at all.

Based on what source? Because that’s totally different than what’s on Uni-Wiki.

Also, “number of docks at the station”? Not sure what that means.

He probably means total number of people docked in station. What else do you think it could mean?

The UNI-Wiki is not the be-all and end-all of information. As great as it is, and that it is, it’s still put together by (imperfect) people and given the vast amount of information things can change and never get current on certain subjects. I have seen more than a fair share of information on there being either incorrect or obsolete.

Based on what you’re indicating (without checking the wiki myself) they have it slightly wrong, or you’ve misinterpreted it.

In checking I see they have indicated:

“The rental cost is dynamic and will change daily depending on how many of the available offices on the station are rented out. The minimum office rent is 10.000 ISK, but there is no upper limit.”

So it changes daily based on the number of office slots available, and it doesn’t indicate that it won’t change if there is only 1 slot available. I would say it makes sense that if you’ve seen 3 available slots over 4 days that nothing dynamically changes in that time so therefore the cost doesn’t change.

I hope this helps.

And for the “docks” question, they mean the number of office slots used/available.

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“and it doesn’t indicate that it won’t change if there is only 1 slot available”

Actually, it does say just that:

“Monthly fees rise by 5% when there are no available offices at the station; prices stay the same when there is one available office. When there are two or more available…”

OK, I guess I’ll chalk it up to, it may have been correct at some point, but now it’s not, and so it’ll just have to remain a mystery. I hate mysteries! :wink:

Well, again, you’re referring to what it’s saying on the UNI-wiki page. It doesn’t say that on the official CCP support page.

I was referring to the official support page, as that’s what I linked in my post :wink:

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