Question on bills (corp office)

So, I had a bill in my wallet, due on 2/2/20, for a corp office. I went to pay it on the 1st, and it was gone. No idea what happened to it. When I went to the station, the office was gone.

Any idea what happened here? The only thing I could figure out was, the price when I paid it was more than what the previous month cost. So, does the price going up when you have a bill due, but haven’t paid it yet, make the bill expire early?


You no longer have the office because the rental bill wasn’t paid. What you want to make sure of is that you set your bill to be automatically paid from whichever division of your corp wallet that you choose.

Yes, the amount fluctuates. I’m unclear as to why exactly, but I assume it would have to do with demand, system index stuff, etc.

Bill was due the second. I went to pay it on the first. So don’t understand the “wasn’t paid”. It wasn’t due yet.

I know why it fluctuates. There’s a page on the E-Uni wiki which explains it.

The question is, can the fluctuation cause the bill to disappear before the due date, or is there some other mechanism at work?

A bill will always be sent for the current price of an office slot on the station on the day the bill is issued and will remain unchanged until the bill is paid.

My bet would be time zones and possibly that the bill seems to cover 30 days down to the minute. I get new bills issued in the middle of the day. To avoid problems, I put my bills on autopay to make sure they do get paid.

It’s possible that it’s a timezone issue - you should be OK if you pay by downtime the day before the bill is due. I’ve always set it to pay automatically and have never had a problem.

You get the bill 30 days before it is due so there is lots of time to close the office if the rent is more than you want to pay. There are still lots of backwater systems where you can rent an office for 10K ISK/month.

Thinking back, this probably was a timezone issue. It was late on the 1st here, and I’m 6 hours behind the game clock. So, probably due at the stroke of midnight on the 2nd, and it was after 6pm here on the first, so, most likely explanation.

Thanks, all :slight_smile:

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