Corp issued bills

(Andy Hardie) #1

As the leader of a reasonably sized corp 122 toons, I and my directors would love it if the game had a feature of the bill system where we could issue bills to individual players. Currently, as far as i know, there is no such feature and we simply have to mail players in game to remind them to pay something etc.

Not only would issuing bills be amazing from corps to players but from players to other players also.

Another handy feature of this proposed system would be to be able to issue automatic rolling bills to corp members on a set time basis, eg monthly for payinf rent or whatever.

Please work on this… Thanks :slight_smile:

ps I hope other CEO’s agree

(Daliena Talvanen) #2

So… You want to send bills to your corpmates. Isn’t that what corporation tax is meant to cover?

(sci0gon) #3

it is yea but it depends on what they’re doing for them to do the so called billing. There are corps out there who do bpo renting which this could clearly work for.

(Daichi Yamato) #4

Something that automatically renews sounds useful. Dont make it bills though, make contracts auto renewable and then make a contract to a player asking for money (which is your ‘bill’)

That way they can be in corp or not. And they can even pay/trade with things other than isk.

(Annatolya Dalloncourt) #5

I can see something like this being really useful between corps and alliances, like renting systems or something. I think we had a thread about this around, but I’m not sure, automatic renewal and all.

Anyways, still a good idea IMO.

(Sonya Corvinus) #6

Corp tax isn’t useful for a lot of corps. A lot of corps have a 0% tax rate and every player contributes a set amount per month that covers corp costs.

I’ll go months at a time in WH space for example without doing something that would incur corp tax

(Krysenth) #7

Took me a moment to find it.

(Andy Hardie) #8

Exactly like us :slight_smile: No Tax but monthly rent :slight_smile:

(system) #9

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