Allow users to create Bills for Corporations (maybe Players too)

Allow users to create bills for corporations (and maybe for players too).

The idea is that when someone is doing a service for me/my corp I want him to have the ability to send me the bill through Corporation Wallet / Bills

These bills would be nice to have a description where you can add links and such, as well have them repeatable. Like every 1st of the month.

List of things that I would need it for include but are not limited:

  • Fueling tower/citadel modules billing
  • SRP with link to killmails and maybe situation brief, etc
  • System probing/scanning and bookmarking payments
  • etc

scrap it

forgot that private contracts don’t need an item for exchange.
i guess that will work too.

thank you

This is something I’ve advocated for a while.

Because it’s actually useful for a number of things. The recurring is a key feature for it.

I’d also like to be able to set up recurring payments.

So you could bill someone for a service (say, having no adverts on Zkill) or for rent on space (if you’re into such things.) Or have a monthly donation to a service of choice.

There’s some twiddly bits like caps, but it’s all there.


The idea need to be taken to its full potential…

Player to Player billing
Corp to Corp (Business to Business) billing.

Acknowledgement of bills yes or no on reception. Cancelled bills are shown ás outstanding and over due in senders wallet.

and last ESI/API… keys to create Bills that can be used as “paypal” like links to pay for out of client services, subscriptions, donations, etc… For 3rd party services and meta content creators like media.

Also ofc all types of bills should be able to be set as recurring with frequency set by the issuer.

Last would be the option to hook the bad creditors to a blacklisting and bounty system. As player to player contracts. NO there is NO way to link a system like this into npc or CCP oversight… Asking for that will just make CCP say no way, and never implement these things…

And I have been wishing for this and suggesting this for years now… Hopefully it will become real within my lifetime, just like the npc corp stock exchange, and the tools to make player stocks useful and tradable and serviced via 3rd party websites. BEcause again player stock exchange can not work in a CCP oversight design, or even plugged into the SCC market, the number of corps and potentials of tech strain is just too big and would make CCP say NO, like they have for YEARS.

Minimum requirements deliverables, and staged feature pipeline is the way. So CCP can take these suggestions serious, and would dedicate the dev hours. and ofc Remind CCP that economy is part of EVEs USP, and this not so flashy type of QoL mechanics can and will make a lot of long term emergent gameplay.


It might be pretty viable actually, though it might have to be restricted to a corporate v. corporate scope to begin with. A lot of it could piggyback off the code already there for Offices as well as incorporate parts of the contracting system too.

If I’m assuming correctly, the receivables tab under bills in the corporate wallet are for such things as if your corporation owned a structure that had offices rented from it, correct? The implication being that it’s an automatic entry as a result of the system also creating a corresponding payable entry. Plus the automatic “here’s a bill” messages are also in game as well.

Further, with the reasonable comparison that an office rental is no different in practice than a contract, CCP could add a fourth contract type- Services. Much like an item exchange, the second step would (instead of selecting from items) be an entry box that would basically be an extended description entry. This would also allow people to provide URLs to things such as websites or google doc spreadsheets for delivery of the final product. Or for giving more details on what exactly you just paid for. Would also help prevent scummy people from making a quick copy of a spreadsheet and then saying “oh, this isnt what I wanted, I’m not paying you now.”

Additionally, in step 3, there wouldnt be a “I will pay” field. Rather, it would be a required description field*. As for the expiry, the options would instead be “1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks/monthly.” Assuming 30 days for 1 month, or whichever a plexed omega grants for ease of scheduling. Another change as well is altering the “also request items from buyer” checkmark to “Recurring,” but only enabled when on the monthly expiry.

This brings me to the last part: when such a service contract is finalized and created, the receiving corporation (not the one who created it) would receive a Bill Communication that would be nearly identical to the ones currently received for offices.

Bill issued
From: CCPlease
Sent: 2017.06.25 10:00

This is an automatic message. A bill of 3,828,658 ISK, due Tuesday, July 25, 2017 owed by you to CCPlease was issued Sunday, June 25, 2017. This bill is for *“not biomassing your noobass. gIt ReKtEd”

*The end of the message would echo whatever was typed into the required description field on step 3 of the service contract.