Suggestion: Introduce "Clubs"

I would like to introduce a new feature called “Clubs” (name of course could be changed if too cheesy)

The main idea is to make public entities outside of corps / alliances more intractable. These entities would be groups such as NPSI pvp fleets, streamer groups, public incursion or mining groups etc. The reason that a club could be more beneficial would be due to fleet adverts and organization. Both Players and corporations could join clubs (which means we would allow us to even have clubs for coalitions). Clubs are Not a replacement of Corps, this means you will still need to be in a NPC or player corp

Clubs would be able to:

  • Have a tax (as there has been some confusion, this would be on top of any tax the member’s corp already gathers. So, if a player in an NPC corp joins a club with 4%. Then they would be taxed 15% (11 for NPC corp and 4 for the club).
  • Have a logo (either similar to corp or if they are large enough, similar to custom alliance ones)
  • Be “blued”, “red” to corps, clubs, etc (allowing access to fleet adverts)
  • Be managed (such as restricting access, so inclusive or invite only clubs can be as well)
  • Set join access to automatic approval or requires approval

Clubs would not be able to:

  • Deploy and/or Own Structures (this should be limited to corp/alliances)
  • Declare / Be Declared War (Against)

After discussing with some friends the following are also thoughts that could be added:

  • Club Fittings? (would rather see Alliance fittings first if anything though)
  • Message Board (similar to a corp’s bulletin board. This would be good as there is only so much that you can add to a chat channel motd before it looks bad).
  • Ability to select a public channel as the official channel (setting up would be similar to the recruitment advert selection of a recruitment channel).

What do you think? Is there something that I may have missed (especially one that could be abused)?


I would disagree with a tax. The only need for a tax is to maintain either structures or a SRP. Both of these things should be more a corp thing.

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tax is optional (so can be set to 0, and most likely default to 0), but could be useful in terms of assisting in being able to fund SRP in a NPSI group. I guess a join or membership fee could work in its place though.

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If they cannot have a war declared on them, then there needs to be a tax. Otherwise it’s too good.


as stated this is not a replacement to a corp … you would still need to be in a corp. this is for non-corp / alliance groups. Any tax on the club, would be on top of any corp tax that the member already has

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make a channel
fleet up

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Came hoping to see a suggestion for a giant space-stick that you could mount on your large (battleship+) ship for swatting away frigates.

I was disappointed. That would have been a way batter idea than this.



I see that. Bad you.

I dunno… I thought it was clever. Okay I’ll go sit in the corner :frowning:

i disagree with it being pointless. Being able to have another way of organizing standing would be beneficial. For example … say you have a public group that flies together (such as an NPSI group) that the members are not part of the same corp etc. With this, they can set the “club” to blue as such a fleet advert can be used to give access to fleet. That is a QOL change and, IMO, therefore not pointless.

Added a couple things that came up in a discussion with some friends to the OP.

So, as I CBA to reread your OP, I have to ask. Do these “new” suggestions in any way resemble the “social corps” that people have been suggesting for years?


I will say they are inspired/influenced by those suggestions. But as they are not replacing corps (you would be joining these separate from the corp you are already in) They are a different suggestion, similar, but not. In theory you could even join multiple of these simultaneously if you wanted. I would also not be opposed to premade ones for say mission running, exploration, resource wars, etc)

A good way of thinking of these in comparison to a corp:

  • A corp would be working at a bookstore
  • A club would be joining a bookclub

add them as contacts set them to yellow purple blue or whatever colour suits you

You do realize how large some public groups are right? As stated this would classify as a QOL change. Yes functionality is “technically there”, but it could be more efficient (especially for larger entities where there may be multiple players that need to set standing for hundreds if not thousands of players). This would just make it easier to manage for groups like that.

Unfortunately, that would require effort on the OP’s part, and I’m sure he’s got a whole raft of excuses on why he can’t use the already provided tools.

And look, he beat me to it…

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garbage idea
garbage counter arguments
know your friends
know the people you can trust
set them to a colour youre comfortable with
roll with your buddies and screw a damn club

If you’re dealing with hundreds to thousands of players, that’s not a club. That’s a corp.

OK, I guess I need an example then. Let’s take a well known group… Spectre Fleet (again, an example).

This group is not a corp, they are a public NPSI community that accepts people into fleet from everywhere. They could make a club and set the club standing so that anyone that wants to join their fleets just joins the club to get standings to see the fleet advert. If the FC wants to they can then just remove the standing to the club so that they dont offer the fleet to everyone if they are doing something for their alliance instead.

Again, this is an example of a group (that exists) that is not a corp, that could in fact have hundreds of members.

An example of use where thousands of members could be involved: a coalition could also use this for standings across an entire coalition. Whether they would, is a different discussion.

i just read your whole post and it still makes no sense
i kinda wanna insult your idea in a homophobic way but that would get me banned
so i will just say
learn who you can trust
and learn to discord