Corporation office has disappeared

It’s not a “unpaid” bill thing it’s just gone with all my stuff in it no longer available since the office is gone, anyone else?

Was it your corp, or someone elses?

No my Corp, there’s just nothing there, not even a way to “pay bill” which the Corp office was on auto pay and there is isk in the account to cover bills.

Possibly, if it’s an upwell, the owner removed rental rights and so the office could not be renewed. You can check for impounded corporation assets to find what you’ve lost. An un-renewed office should deposit the lost items there.


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So what I see is “impounded” yet there is no way to “pay bill” because there nothing showing and my bill was set for automatic yet this last patch seems to have removed that along with the assets.

Odd, I found the release hold tab where the “rent office” is and paid that and now have my items back, strange, I placed it on auto pay again.

Like they said, someone was playing with the permissions and it lobbed your corps access to have an office there.

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