Structure: Removing Corporate Office access?

When is access to the corp hangers gone if the access list is changed to remove the ability of a player to rent a corporate office?

In a few minutes, at downtime, or at the end of the current billing cycle?

The office will remain until the end of the time paid for. Without this permission a person will be unable to rent an office or extend a lease on an office, but the office will not close.

On occasions where I am shutting down a structure, I will remove permissions to rent offices or start new industry jobs in those structures to give people time to claim their items and finish their jobs or use their offices.

Even though nobody can make the office close they can deny docking access to the structure, making use of the office difficult.

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Is there a way for the structure owner to see the end date for the current billing cycle if the rent was set at zero cost?

There is no way. If the cost were 1 isk or more you would be able to review the journal for when they rented the office and add 30 (or 60 if they paid ahead) days to get an idea of when your clients’ leases were up. With a zero cost you have no way of knowing.

If it’s important, then you could contact those owning the offices and ask them, or inform them of why you need to move. I think it’s unlikely people will be very upset over something that came at 0 cost, if you need to shut down a structure with an office. Warn them with enough time to collect their things and they’ll probably thank you for your courtesy.


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