Remote Unrenting of a Corporate Office

I’m trying to unrest an office from 15 jumps away, which should be possible according to the office ‘Help’ thread at:

However, when our CEO selects the office to unrent in the Corporation window, there is no right-click option to do so (in spite of what the help page says). He’s got the “Rent Office” role (obviously) and our bills are paid.

Any suggestions?


I understand you. Some years ago i inherited a Corp with 930 offices and was forced to go to each.

Good Gods, Man…I’d have nuked the Corp and started over :slight_smile:

two problems

a: ) items in 70%
b: ) was renter in an alliance, and standings was important

I use a nullified tengu to go, unrent and contract to my main hauler, and then her contract 50% of the items to red frog black frog

was a fun mess =)

remove the automated payment of the rent and let it expire.