How to view office rental costs?

I’m thinking of forming my own individual corp.

Anyway I can view the rental prices at a station (or remotely) w/o having to form the corp first?

I don’t want to form the corp at a 1bil station then go looking for cheaper rents.


For player owned structures - open their information window and check services tab.
For NPC stations - I don’t know any remote method, you need to visit the station and try to rent the office to see the price.
Note that NPC office prices depend on demand and the price can change quite quickly.

You can form your corporation in any NPC station and later at any time change its HQ to any other station if needed.

As far as I know, you don’t automatically rent an office at your HQ station. At least, speaking from my own experience - I made a corp a while back and there haven’t been any office rental payments.

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