Impounded and renting offices

(Natalia Tau) #1


I lost track of an office that didn’t renew for long time now. I realized there are still things in impounded that I need to recuperate. So I go in that station and I want to rent an office… but no office left… How to recuperate the impounded now ? I find the information nowhere.

(Leah Crowleymass) #2

This might help:

Check the “Offices” tab in the station and see if the “Release” button is available.

(Natalia Tau) #3

I must have been blind !!! Thanks a lot for that ! comes with an ISK cost but at least I have the things now.

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(Leah Crowleymass) #4

No worries- this is not obvious and the support articles are not helpful in how to handle this, so I’m glad that this helped :slight_smile:

I believe that the cost to recover the items is 50% of what an office would cost, so hopefully that’s reasonable for where the office is and what you need to recover.

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