What happens to Corp offices in structures when structure is transferred to new owners?

I rent an office in an upwell structure, but I have been informed by the owner that it is to be transferred to another corp. What happens to my office rental and all my stuff? Is the office rental just moved over to the new corp automatically and I simply end up paying them, or do I have to re-rent the office with the new owners? How about all my stuff? Does that end up in Asset Safety?

My advice, as someone who has paid >25B for asset safety before, would be to get any assets out before the structure changes hands. Once bitten, forever shy.

I don’t consider myself an expert on this as I’ve avoided such situations, however as far as I know …

Like most things in EVE, it is a matter of trust.

Current office rentals will carry-over, but the new owner can prevent renewing office rentals, increase the office rental cost to a billion ISK or more a month, and prevent docking.

If you don’t pay office rent, any corporate assets are impounded.

Impounded is not asset-safety.

Getting assets out of impound requires the assistance of the new owners. One either needs to hit the ‘release’ button and pay 50% of the current office rental cost, or rent a office and deliver impounded items (to the first hangar) without additional charge. So docking rights and optionally office rental rights required.

Of course, an officer can trigger asset-safety by un-renting before the rental period expires. Impound would only happens after the rental period expires.

I assume impounded items move to asset-safety if the structure is destroyed, but I’ve not found confirmation of that.


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