Official crypto for plex stores?

Where can i buy plex using crypto officially? Kind of like how markeedragon is an official 3rd party reseller. Is there any store like that but they take crypto?

Probably not


Its looking like i can just grab steam giftcard from G2A with bitcoin, and then just go to steam and buy plex from there.

when did markeedragon stop taking crypto?

ended up being a scam, dont bother with G2A.

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Yeah that sure sounds like crypto

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i can see why markeedragon dropped it now. $11 fee just to send $100s worth.
i just have a good amount of this garbage figured i get rid of it already… what a joke.

I would exchange Iskies for a Princess Of Highsec NFT

You can’t. Just convert the crypto to fiat lol.

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It would cause more headaches for CCP than actually help the community.

Hay you never know 40 years down the road.

Why not just change crypto to USD and buy stuff like that?

Unless those Crypto coins came from illicit/illegal dealings, i fail to see why thats a problem.


Yah people who really like crypto never want to answer that very blunt question lol.

Why not just use a credit card and get 1-2% cashback? Why crypto?

I don’t know but maybe in 40-100 years we might be using digital currency. :man_shrugging: Imagine ISK in RL? :joy:

Bring back the gold standard.

Miners winning is the future!


It would be very cool if the money in the game became Tritanium and ISK was a IOU of 1 trit

That is what i been doing with bitpay, but they dropped all their customers (visa & mastercard).

Anyway i got steam wallet cards from coingate using bitcoin, their etherum is bugged for some stupid reason. Bought plex using the official steam store. The steam eve account is not the same as your normal ones. So you have to contract the plex to your main account once it goes threw. This means buying game time with steam is a no-go, but plex is ok.

bitrefill has steam gift cards. They even accept lightning payments, so there are very low fees

You can pay me 1 Bazillion Titcoins. For each.

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