Official EVE-Online Commodore Gallente PC Tower for sale

Please allow me to advertise this here:

I hope this will find a new home. Served me for 15 years now.


Who’s going to buy a 15-year-old computer? You’ll be lucky if you can give it away.

It’s just the tower case, not the computer hardware.

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Ah, I see. Good luck, then.

I don’t think this will be worth much, you’re better off keeping it for nostalgic reasons.

These days it’s about glass cases where one would get an eve related image etched into glass.

Also computer components generate significantly more heat than when this case was made so these days you need a case which has front, top, bottom and back fan fittings, the front fan is set to take in air and the top and back fans are exhausts.

Lots of manufacturers and builders have their own opinion but I have been able to keep great cooler temperatures with this configuration.

This is a typical low budget first build gaming pc case which has the fan layout I speak of, most contemporary mid towers are designed this way. This one looks good and seems great value for money.

I wish it was Caldari. It might worth saving that case.
Sadly, i think the shipping cost from Germany to Romania actually don’t worth the trouble.

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