OG Belligerent Undesirable Blog - Updating once again


(Haedonism Bot) #1

Thought I had finally won EVE, but it sucked me back in again. Posting a few updates to the old blog in the coming weeks, until I quit again. :wink:

(lilsteel) #2

If you suck, don’t suck all the Fanta; leave some for others, so they can also have their phantasm too.
It would avoid to assassinate the fantassin.

Red -vs- Blue may let you infiltrate their corp’s alliance(s), however, they may have something in play to prevent infiltration abuse, even though you may get your try.


(NotTheSmartestCookie) #3

Have fun.

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(Watership Down) #8

This is going to be epic

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(Aristotelina Omaristos) #10

I am glad to see you back. As a newish player, I have missed what seems to have been the golden age of can flipping and unbridled awoxing. Your blog, along with some suddenly ninjas materials now only accessible through Google’s caches have been an inspiration.

HTFU is the only way to go.