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this is closed now as some angry code trolls polluted the thread. I apologize for their behaviour. Title says it all everyone without advertising anyways. Have a good one new eve forums…Hopefully it isnt wrecked be angry childish players like i had to tolerate today.

This code indidual dom arkaral had a temper tantrum which im sure the audience enjoyed…lets give him applause…he’d love to hear from you. It spread in to the marmite thread which i dont remember why and he wrecked theirs too. Selfish child.

I was banned off the old forum for some minor transgresions and a lie that the very troll dom arkarel in here told ccp. He is trying to get me kicked or banned or quit…he’s angry and jealous…i would avoid him as it appears he is unstable. All you need do is read his comments and make your own judgement.


The only relevant post left is my rebuttal to the vmg moron who bullies noobs…check out how he acts like a tough guy…when they wont fight me…they are terrified of losing anything. Cowards i would pay a cent yet they charge rediculoous for no sservice… Most risk adverse pilots in eve.

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I was reminiscing of the days of Dec Shield…me and the executor, zerg overmind, were pretty tight. My friend r’ sin and I were the only permanent members enjoying all those juicy targets. It was the most target rich experience I’ve had. Memories…

I think that’s when break a wish started hating me…although me and tah’ris had something special. That’ll never change.

I want to be like Michael…minus the pleather and big hair…and 2-ton smartphone.

(tainted demon) #3

LOL well played CCP. Unleashing the Alex Jones eve equivalent back onto us all once again. Putting the Punishment back into C&P, god help us all but think of those poor ISD’s :laughing:

Take holey up on his offer It’s FREE so why not… and you might even get exactly what you pay for. :rofl:

…And 24hrs later it’s closed, who could of predicted that outcome? Holey
if you live in a glass(Nut) house you shouldn’t throw stones,

(Dom Arkaral) #4

Last I heard holey, you quit

That didn’t last long at all :sweet_potato:

(HoleySheet1) #5

You guys like pink dresses with sequins? I had a feeling.

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Oh ok you Have an aggressive poodle named gai? cool.

(HoleySheet1) #7

I heard things about you that were disturbing. Don’t contact me as per requested.

(tainted demon) #8

10+ is whats needed to chew through a 450K EHP t3 in under 50 seconds. Is there a ship in the game that can achieve that solo on a trade hub undock?
I think your just upset that we didn’t let you join VMG when you asked and then found an effortless way to make you rage log for weeks/months at a time (looking at your losses to next kill gaps) :grin:

This should be the title of this thread… anyway welcome back.

(HoleySheet1) #9

if you like man love…I respect that.

(Messir Astaroth) #10

What is this bs?

(HoleySheet1) #11

Check my personal killboard and maybe…read the original post. Trolls don’t need come here.

(Messir Astaroth) #12

lol you`re just a nolifer

(HoleySheet1) #13

Your insults show anger. Get over it.

(Dom Arkaral) #14

I’ll contact who I want :laughing:
As for “disturbing” things, I just have to look at those love letters you send

(HoleySheet1) #15

perty cartoons…you still watch them regularly obviously…thanks?

(Dom Arkaral) #16

if by “criminal activities” you mean pvp, yes. I do that alot.

Also salt harvesting and tear gathering :smiley:

Elaborate all you want, I’m not guilty of anything :slight_smile:

(HoleySheet1) #17

All necessary info is saved…I’m having fun with dumdum arkaral, codes poster child

(Messir Astaroth) #18

It looks like someone has just become salty.

(HoleySheet1) #19

This is a PSA to anyone spamming or trolling…you will be flagged and there will be no response after this point. My record of wars won against agressors is my tale of the tape…not the imaginations of a eve troll. Thanks for visiting.

(Dom Arkaral) #20

true, welcome to the new forums, where CCP are less intrusive and we have more freedom :smiley: