I guess if youre gonna link silly images that looked drawn by a 6 yr old and think is relevant…I will respond

I’m guilty of lots. Yoire welcome to elaborate on my crimes.

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I usually don’t deal with code…we’re different species…im a hunter…youre lemmings who split chump change 50 ways. My game is a risk…yours is the opposite…how can we relate?
Plus I play the game for fun…not acquisition…loot is only a bonus.

I mean

You don’t even know what I or Tengu do ingame seeing your pretty carebeary arguments.

but hey, you’re back to stop the lies aren’t you?
maybe start with yourself?


You guys are joining in civil union? congratulations…whos the wife…dom?

He just loves getting under your skin. It’s clearly working. You also obviously haven’t been paying attention to what I’ve been saying. No surprise. You also exist in your own little fantasy.


Honestly I have a friend who had the information that domdom had his passport seized for threatening players abroad…shows his intelligence I guess as any E-trail can be traced. This information concerns me because I live in his country and he doesnmt need a passport to cross.

For his safety and well-being, I am contacting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The investigatipon is confidential. That is all.

well the jump to rl was quick lol
gg holey, you might get the first ever ban on these new forums XD


tears…expected…I have right not to deal with petty criminals. THIS IS FUNNY…LAUGH!!!

damage control dom…I put in the marmite thread too. they should know.

Are those tears? maybe thatll shut your idiot mouth.


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I thinki I got under his you mope. That moron needs to shut his mouth…he makes you look like idiots…check my revelation…lol

I’ll just be a bait for a bigger fish (again) XD

you just wrote that to ccp dolt…lol…more comedy?
Maybe ill call the rcmp tomorrow as I feel threatened.

that’s nice…let us know…ill be a judge. ganking freighters doesn’t count…cowards who shoot ships with no guns threatening me…this is rich!

then why won’t you come shoot me? :smiley:
you scared or something?

so I’m contacting the rcmp in the morning then? I have no wish with contact with you. But you continue to press yur idiot bad luck. You did this to you moron…remember that…last words to an imbecile,


so you’re threatening to contact a federal police because I’m talking to you on a gaming forum?

my god :smiley:

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Oh Holeysheet, I’ve missed you.

In moderation, your forum posts are an untapped source of hilarity.

Please keep giving us all something to laugh at.


are u on drugs or delusional…? who are you?

Well, since you blocked me ingame, let me just say:

Whatever holey, you get mad over a video game and want to send rl cops after me for "harassment"
pathetic tbh XD