Don't Tell Anybody About This Blog

Not a word of it is true. I categorically deny having done any of the things which I said I did in this blog. I demand that I cease and desist to tell such slanderous lies about myself. I’m just an ordinary, wholesome Dad who likes to do a little solo PvP once in awhile. I don’t know anything about the Belligerent Undesirables, and wouldn’t associate with them if I did.

I beg you, please do not click this link.


normalny blog przeciez, nie wiem po co ta dramaturgia przy zapowiadaniu… czuje lekki zawod

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Nice blog btw

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Some lowsec PvP stuff happened. This is fine. Just don’t look back at any earlier articles, please.

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Would you consider flying a Harpy? Yolo and such.

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Hey, good to see you’re still part of this community, Xuxe Xu. I would consider flying a Harpy.

I have flown one before. Back in my heyday as a Merlin pilot, I would occasionally take a harpy out to see what kind of trouble I could get into, but I never quite got the hang of it. I already felt pretty invincible behind the wheel of a Merlin, and a Harpy was like a super-Merlin. So I tended to fly incredibly recklessly with it and just die taking on gangs and stuff. But that was way back before the changes to assault frigates.

Today, I honestly don’t even know what a Harpy can do. That’s how out of touch I am. I’m running around out there managing to get kills just on basic understanding of PvP concepts and willingness to take risks, but there are huge gaps in my knowledge of the current game that put me at a real disadvantage, and I’m definitely making a lot of foolish mistakes.

Anyway, I also realized that I forgot to include the killmails in that article before publishing it. It probably didn’t make a lot of sense without them, so I fixed that.

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