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New Eden Vikings is a new(ish) blog cataloging a complete PvP novice’s bungled journey into piracy.

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I love this. Congrats on getting a first killmark. I’ve been mostly a solo pirate for ages and occasionally still update my own blog about it -

Your blog definitely reminds me about how I got started back in the day. I’m probably not the best one to give specific advice anymore (consider all the guides in my blog to be outdated at this point). I’m basically only good at one thing at this stage in my semi-retirement from EVE. But I will say:

  1. Don’t be too careful about target selection. Fly cheap ships if isk is an issue and don’t be afraid to lose them. You will learn the most by just trying to kill stuff and seeing what happens. If you think there is half a chance of winning, go for it. You will get 5 killmarks eventually, don’t worry about taking losses. I also wouldn’t worry about if they are a newbie - you are one too so fair game, and even if you weren’t, you can’t really tell, there are so many alts out there.

  2. Analyze zkillboard for ideas. If you want to solo in a Heron in wormholes, research the players who are successful at doing that. Or whatever plan you are going for. Use their fits for inspiration. Contact them and ask questions if they’ll talk to you.

  3. Group PvP has way less learning curve. Try out some fleets. It will be fun and you will learn lessons that apply to solo as well. You can join a corporation and run with them, or fly with one of the NPSI fleets.

Good luck!


Thanks Syeed. Very encouraging. Heron and WHs is definitely just a first step - but all your advice is very much appreciated

Oh look! A rare breed of us Eve bloggers. :smiley:

If I can leave you one tip: Look up the Frigate Yearbook 2023.

Good luck on your journey! o7

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Wow! The Greybill himself. I’ve often read your blog and I’m honoured you stepped by. o7

Thanks for the yearbook tip. I actually have a copy downloaded on my computer already! Just need a few months to digest it all…

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Latest post is published today - Day 42: Bonfire of the vanities

Or Start from the beginning

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I had a look at your Heron fit.

For the job of what you are trying to do, I’d add some things. First, fill these empty slots. I’m not the biggest fan of 0 tank builds, but well. Under your current fitting restrictions, it’s still a worthy approach.

Here is the fit I came up with:

[Heron, *Simulated Heron Fitting]
Damage Control II
Signal Amplifier II

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster
Faint Scoped Warp Disruptor
X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler

Core Probe Launcher I
Modal Light Ion Particle Accelerator I
Modal Light Ion Particle Accelerator I

Small Targeting System Subcontroller I
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I
Small EM Shield Reinforcer I

Hobgoblin I x7

Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S x740
Scan Resolution Script x1
Core Scanner Probe I x8

The Singal Amplifier further increases your scan strength.
The Damage Control adds at least a bit more hitpoints, as does the EM-rig.
You can alternatively get more DPS out of the ship if swap one or both modules for a Magnetic Field Stabilizer or a Drone Damage Amplifier.

The Low Friction Nozzle Joint rig should let you warp in under 4s, which tends to increase survivability.
I also changed scram and long-point. The “Faint” variants have a bit more range which makes it worth fitting them.
If you turn off the sensor booster after having tackled something, you have 1 minute 30 to kill it before you run out of capacitor.
At ~70dps that should be enough for other, pure exploration-fitted, T1 frigates.

2.000 ehp / 70dps = 29 seconds. I you factor in resistances and the time it takes to get into blaster range, probably closer to 1 minute. If they have fitted some tank and are shooting back, you are screwed in any case.

I made the fit on an Alpha character with ~3.5 million SP, so it should come somewhat close.

Keep it up. You’ll eventually hit that jackpot. and loot something shiny.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll check out the modules you are recommending