Just look at this guide. Absolute bible for us frigate junkies


Just look at it, LOOK AT IT!! I can’t believe how awesome this is. I’m sorry if this is like common knowledge but seriously I am just amazed at the quality of player written guides and content sometimes.


Damn that’s a nice guide.

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I know all too well how Eve players get bent outta shape with redundant threads, I did a quick scroll up and down and so what if it’s posted twice this is the nicest damn guide I’ve ever seen in any game.

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Possibly one of the best made reports I’ve ever read about anything, ever.
I can only wonder what kind of job the creator has out there in real life.


The guys seems like normal 8-to-5 white collar. Daily works as the one who makes reports. Maybe the “guy to go” when you need your reports designed nicely. I mean, look at those stuff. Beautiful eye candy.

Might be bored enough to think, “Making another one about EVE? Eh, why not? its just need 5 mins anyway”

after seeing all the positivity I went in trying to find parts I could tear apart and failed. only thing I could find I think was just a typo where they didn’t put autocannons in the scram kite section despite mentioning they had the capability in several other points of the guide.

Amazing effort. Thank you for sharing

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